Hi! Derek the Beekeeper here I want to talk to you about honey. I talked about this another video but i wanna talk
about why it’s so important that your bees are not exposed to a number of
different environmental stressors that are causing them problems. I always like to compare bees to humans and in this way, if you consider yourself,
your immune system is really important. In your health, so if you have a very
supressed or problem with your immune system you’re gonna have a whole host of
different diseases your susceptible to. That being said it’s the same thing with
bees all these stressors and all these problems that people have with their
food and wanting to buy organic natural and This is what we do for ourselves. Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting 🙂 Save the Bees San Diego. Bee Removal Florida like to go to sleep at night essentially
is kind of what I call it just like we do they settle in for the night, but
on top of that similarity there are also very very similar with food so they like
to eat things that are not tampered with GMO stuff not a bunch of pesticide Laden
foods and they also like to eat food that’s really healthy for them so you’ll
notice that going up on soda cans and things like that but that’s not the best
or ideal food for them neither is for people either so that
being said they naturally will go and get into flowers and other places where
they can get that essentially that really really good material for them to
not only build from but also to consume and to bring back to the Hive to
basically go into the honey. That being said what’s going into your honey
is something consider where the bees are in places where there’s a bunch of different
pesticides in places where there’s a bunch of environmental stressors
that causing them problems. If that’s the case most likely all that stuff is
getting transferred to you honey. Here’s the next thing a lot of beekeepers will
turn around and use antibiotics because the bees are so weak from their problems
they have their pumping any antibiotics to kill all these all these pests.
Things are getting into their hives of these diseases that their contracting
things like that and the other thing beekeepers do on top of the different antibiotics and junk they give them… is the food source. They will turn around and feed them super low quality food. Which is not what they intended to having first place. It’s like drinking soda all day long instead of water. They’re
getting sugar water or some form of that. That’s not their natural
source of food or nutrition so that being said there are different videos on
here well talk about the good nutrition for bees Phoenix, essentially think of it this
way if they are living out the middle of nowhere in the wild what’s the best food for them to eat
well it’s gonna be the natural things around them and it’s also going to be
their own honey. So essentially bees are going to live off that honey through the
winter and they’re also going to use as a food source as well as pollen and other things they feed the babies. So if you’re interested in starting the process and
having been removed and click the link below in the description and we will be in
touch with you soon.