Hello, I’m from the US Government We noticed you managed to cock-block our latest
attempt to strip you of your healthcare Now you can finally relax and let down your guard Coz after seven long years of trying to undo the legacy of that brutal, Muslim, Kenyan dictator we realize it’s finally time for
us to move onto something else… Such as sabotaging Obamacare to justify our
next attempt to strip you of your healthcare and replace it with… WealthCare Do you suffer from a pre-existing condition,
such as Not-Being-Rich? No problem! Unlike complex Obamacare,
WealthCare offers a simple solution: if you ain’t as rich as Mitch McConnell,
just Fuck off and die. No mess, no fuss That’s right: by leaving over 20 million
more of you uninsured, cutting Medicaid, raising premiums, and discriminating against a raft
of pre-existing conditions WealthCare should kill at least 36,000 of you annually. That’s ten 9-11s each year! Which might sound like a lot of dead people,
but it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make to protect innocent Americans from socialism. We know we’ve struggled recently to pass
WealthCare in the Senate; but rest assured we won’t stop till we repeal Obamacare and… What’s that?—What you really want is Medicare For All like most other “civilised” nations in the world? Aww, sweetheart
you know there’s no money for that! But hey here are some things we do have money for: Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago! Trump’s golf games! Big boat that shoots million-dollar missiles More of these useless pieces of shit Maintaining the American empire And of course: $3.2 trillion dollars for the
most expensive crappy healthcare in the world, when Medicare For All would cost only half that much. WealthCare! Who needs healthcare anyway, when you have Jesus? Authorised by the Department of Wealth and
Inhumane Services