what's up rich I chose it's a boy Tanner Waggoner barbarian body today I've got for you a gruesome dumbbell only shoulder workout we're gonna be going through three total rounds here of four exercises we're gonna be going through the first round all four exercises now single rest in between banging through them as quickly as possible after you've completed the first round you can be granted your first rats for about 30 to 45 seconds and then we're going to repeat the routine again for a total of three times now for reference I'm personally gonna be using a pair of thirty pound dumbbells it was gonna be for my compound movements when we give it a little bit more of the isolation of the shoulders that's what I'm gonna be jumping down to a pair of 20 pound dumbbells and have to shoulder it a little bit to fatigue for that and I've also got a pair of 15s as well just so that I can manage and handle and keep pushing myself no matter how tired my shoulders Deborah up this routine other than that guys let's get straight into this one here all right we're gonna begin here with the clean and press for a total of ten repetitions no stance feet shoulder-width apart always breathing ready and now this is two movements here you're doing a clean and then a press so clean press for clean press five six one more three after this we're gonna be getting into our first isolation exercises wings good compound just to get the juices flowing get her joints and ligaments all prepared for the impending health okay final raise is now twelve repetitions here oh to the side now I want you to focus on leading with those elbows and those elbows are actually on the slight bend here you won't put too much stress on that shoulder drunk six seven eight four more three two one more and good and when you're getting into some bent-over lateral raises these are gonna be the target career ahead of adults so you can be a bend over position about 45 degrees fly it over in there again we've got 12 tool repetitions ready and go three two one more yeah oh good last exercise of the circuit we have to get all our low prices here pretend to a repetition stroke poms facing forward right side over top ready and go two three four five six four three two last one and good bring those dumbbells down and how we made hints our very first right here shaking out those arms shaking up those delts let's we got two more rounds to go through yeah oh that's at this point you're gonna be like damn this is not easy first round is when you're gonna realize that push through to the second crush it on the third now as we get through this point right here your body is gonna straight to tire out and if warm it's gonna start to just slowly fall apart that's okay as long as it's not the most gruesome form we're putting your body at jump knee to get injured try and keep it controlled if you need to go ahead pause the video if you need a longer break or if you need to grab yourself a lighter Karen of dumbbells okay second set here we got the clean pressed for 10 total repetitions ready and go three four five four more three always breathe enough – yeah last one dumbbells down it's at this point I'm actually gonna grab a little bit of a lighter pair here I'm going to go down 15 for those lateral raises 12 total repetitions ready and go whoo push the truth here you can feel that burn strap your body – oh one more damn good get ready for the Ben Zobrist who sink a lot more challenging and I intended it to be but that's okay we're going to a real shoulder healthier twelve repetitions bent over flies now ready let's get have those palms facing downwards six halfway four three two last one and we're heading there for the Orlan process toss these down for a second Vishal isn't really burning here Oh 10 repetitions and we're completed the second set starting with the palms facing in pressing the metal words at the top they're ready let's get seven more six five four three two last one – okay Rock hot weak now completed step number two and we're on to our final set rest in a bit here those traps are kicking in my deltoids are told already we got one more round to complete this thing here oh I'll tell you this much this workout right here will put some serious max on their shoulders all of you who've actually always ask me well this won't work out with just dumbbells help me out with putting mass on this one in particular a hundred and fifty percent super high volume here repetition wise cool last set here for exercises no shoulders out a bit lactic acid zodia okay let's finish it with the clean up press well for more exercises are starting to live strive with the clean oppressor 10 total repetitions ready and go [Applause] three four five four three two good crack that whoa grab my later one here [Applause] three more exercises and we'll complete this help but it's down for a second your wall prepetition let's get it lead with those elbows here catch your breath here give yourself a second before we get into it halfway six more five four three two one more and good let's set it up two more exercises oh this one is no goddamn job okay twelve reps then to overlap rolls ready let's get it will be spring yeah six one seven five four three two more good don't bounce down on the last pair for finish your exercise the Arnold press look at my shoulders a minute here for all of you who have made it this far so far you're doing amazing this is no walk in the park time to learn repetitions let's finish this thing here palms facing in at the bottom note at the top ready let's get finishing ten four more three two last one and congratulations if you made it through that other health for the schoolers that thing was a lot more difficult than even I was expecting but we've completed it hope you guys enjoyed that workout it's definitely gonna put some sides and some mats on those shoulders and if you did enjoy the video then be sure to give you a boy I like down below and also be sure to subscribe for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips chill not want to miss thanks so much for joining you guys see in the next video