– Hi everyone welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 4. Activate! (upbeat gentle music) Okay let’s begin
today on our backs. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Come on down to the ground and right away, as you come to your first position, begin to activate your breath. Bend your knees, bring the
soles of feet to the ground. Bring your hands to your belly. Take the deepest breath
you’ve taken all day, in. And breathe out, empty it,
empty it, empty it, empty it. Out through the nose or mouth. Good, big inhale. Activating the breath, remembering the
breath always comes first. And using the exhale to let
go of any stress or tension you might be
coming onto the mat with. Keep an open mind. There’s so much to
pick up along the way here with this
regular daily practice. And today’s session is about action, discipline. Now, don’t worry.
I got your back. Just laying the foundations for a fulfilling, sustainable at home practice. Making our way back home. So continue to
gently activate the breath. And we’re gonna slowly just rock the head
a little side to side, ear-to-ear, a little
passive stretch in the neck and the traps. So active breath. The breath always comes first. As we begin to layer on more,
remember this. The breath always comes first. You can always spend your time activating,
snuggling up with your breath. And that is
worth your time here. Okay bring the head
back to center stillness. We’re gonna slowly
interlace the fingertips, bring them behind the head. Extend the thumbs so you create
this little neck hammock. You can give yourself
a little massage here. Start to smell
your armpits already. Mhmmm. Elbows nice and wide. Now ground through the feet, scoop your tail bone up
so your low back can come flushed to the mat. So nice, beautiful connection between the low
back and the earth. I say beautiful
because you should feel like supported. And right away you could see how bringing your awareness
to this support in the low back is gonna create
a little activation in the abdominal wall. Some more than others, some, you could really start
to feel a tremble already if you haven’t activated
these muscles in a while. Welcome, welcome back,
welcome home. Here we go, inhale in again. Exhale, navel draws down. Low back stays
flush with the mat. You’re just
gonna lift one leg up. Shin parallel to the
ceiling and then the other. A little more
activation in the core, low back is nice and flush. Breathe here. In time, we’ll work to
bring the knees over the hips. But if that’s not
happening for you, in a way that feels
supportive in the low back, work in a way that
feels supportive, right. Recognize what feels good, what feels supportive. Pain does not feel good. That is not supportive. Okay, inhale and again here,
keep the elbows wide, they’re gonna wanna come in. Keep ’em nice and wide. As you lift your chest,
your chin and your gaze up towards the sky. So not a crunch, but lifting up and almost as if you’re
sending your gaze up and back. So we’re activating
the abdominal wall. (mimic radio static) Activate! Breathing deep,
inhale in, elbows wide. You can use your thumbs
here to support your neck. Scoop the tailbone up,
excuse me. Hug your low ribs in. Maybe experiment with
drawing your knees out, just a bit for three. Breathe deep, two. And release. Hug your knees into your chest. Take a deep breath in. Exhale. Now bring your hands to
the backs of the thighs. And we’re gonna,
we’re gonna have a little fun. So let’s go on a
little journey here. We’re gonna
rock and roll up and down the length of the spine. So keeping that connection,
that active core, your awareness
of your shoulders. So if this feels
really silly to you, you are not alone. It did as well for me when
I first started doing this. If you wanna catch a
little Plow Pose here, if it’s in your practice
to touch the toes back, you can but otherwise,
don’t worry. Here comes the real moment, a chance to align
with a little humility. Here we go. The next time you rock up,
we’re gonna come all the way up and
forward into a little squat. And if you’re like haha, hehe, Adriene, very funny. I get it, it’s all and good.
So make your way there. You can choreograph that. And I mentioned the humility because there
are so many moments in the asana practice
where we have a chance to be humbled, and for it to
be like a positive experience, versus like something we’re
just trying to blow through so, activate the
humility as well. And we’re gonna come
into this little squat, stretching through
the fascia of the feet. You know, this could be
really intense for your feet, so breathe deep. Use your fingertips
to brace you here. If it’s available, find
a stretch in the back body by drawing the chin in,
nose in towards heart center. Breathe deep here.
We got this. And then, yup, you guessed it.
We’re gonna drop the heels. Begin the lift the hips up high. Forward Fold. Activate your breath. Again, each time we
come into this Forward Fold, and particularly as we
do it with more regularity, (sighs) so good for
the nervous system. I’m sure you don’t
need me to remind you how important that is,
particularly nowadays. So take some nice
deep breaths here. Then look down at your feet. You’re gonna
lift all of your toes. Ground through all
four corners of the feet and we’re activating this idea of pressing through all four corners
of the feet equally. We call this four
part equal standing. Samastitihi. So start it here
in the Forward Fold. Activate the feet. Find this Pada Bandha,
this foot lock, this foot-to-earth connection. And whatever that means to you,
just doing your best. And then from there, we’re gonna ground into that
four part equal standing, and begin to roll it up. Take your time. Stand up nice and tall, and see if you can imagine, listen carefully, this upward current of
energy coming all the way up through your front side. And then see if you can activate or imagine this idea
of this downward energy activating down your back side. So we have this loop. We have this upward current
of energy through the front. And this downward
energy through the back. And just see if you
can create this image of this energy loop, and imagine your body in the
center of this loop. And if you’re like, okay
what am I supposed to do? That’s okay,
just stay open to this idea. But maybe, your body
responds a little bit to this upward
current of energy. And maybe it responds to this
downward current of energy. So finding places to
life like through the crown, of the head, through the heart,
the sternum. And places to ground. Maybe drawing
the shoulder blades in and down the back body. Pressing firmly into the heels. Tagging a little bit of
weight in your fingertips. Relaxing your shoulders down. So we’re activating this
principle of opposition, right. Upward and downward,
masculine and feminine. Sun, moon, light, dark. Here we go.
Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold. Hi Benji. Inhale, lift it up halfway. Pull the elbows back,
lengthen through the neck. Exhale, to soften and fold. Alright, listen carefully.
Bend your knees. You’re gonna step
just the left foot back. Go ahead and lower then to
the left knee here to start. Inhale sweep the arms
all the way up and over head. Now we’re gonna come
out of the crescent lunge a little bit here
by pressing firmly, activating through all four
corners of that front foot. And then sending the
fingertips up towards the sky. If this is too much for you, bring the hands
to the waistline. We’re gonna pull the
right hip crease back. We’re gonna
squeeze the inner thighs, activating the midline. So squeeze the inner
thighs to the center. Lift up from the pelvic floor, activate that midline. Think of this
upward current of energy, coming up through the front. And then this downward
energy through the back. Inhale in here. Exhale to slowly release. Plant the palms,
lift the back knees. Step your right toes back. Inhale to look forward. Shift forward. Exhale, lower all the
way down to your belly. Hi Benji. Inhale Cobra. (laughing) I’m not sorry. Exhale, release. Curl the toes under. Inhale, press up up
to all fours or Plank. Downward Facing Dog. Breathe out. Inhale in deeply here. Pedal it out if you like. Exhale completely. Find what feels good here. Careful to not hold
or clench in the neck. Good, bend your knees. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, step or hop to the top. Feet together, really together. Good, Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway
lift to your version. Exhale to soften and fold. Inhale to bend the knees. Reach all the way
up towards the sky and then listen carefully,
we’re gonna exhale. Go all the way back down. Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift,
your version. Moving with your breath,
exhale to fold. Bend your knees. This time step
the right toes back. Lower the right
knee to the earth. Now, activate through all four
corners of that front foot. Squeeze the inner thighs
to the midline right away. Lift up from the pelvic floor. Hands to the waistline,
or reach up towards the sky. Come up out of that
front leg a little bit. Activating the
abdominal wall here, squeeze the inner thighs inwards so we can find that
connection to the midline. Activating, lifting from the
pelvic floor, all the way up. Lots of energy,
activate the fingertips here. Lengthen through the crown. Inhale in. Exhale to release. Come all the way back down,
step it back. Plank or Half Plank,
Cobra or Chaturanga. Moving with your breath.
Hey buddy. We’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog. Activate your breath. Bend your knees,
inhale to look forward. Exhale to make
your way to the top. Take your time. Big inhale lifts you up halfway, lots of length in the neck. Exhale to soften and fold. Root to rise here. Inhale, reach for the sky. Big breath, big stretch. Zipping up through the legs, activating, lifting up
through the pelvic floor, finding that midline. And then we’ll
bring the hands together and back down to the heart. Inhale in here. Use the exhale to
relax your shoulders down. Good one more big
breath in here, inhale. And exhale to empty it out. Good. Inhale to drop your
fingertips down to come up. Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift,
moving with the breath. Exhale to soften and bow. Great, bend the knees.
Fingertips come to the earth. We step the left toes back. Now we’ve already done
this with the back knee down. So you can totally stay there. Otherwise, let’s
experiment with keeping it up for high lunge. So actively, reach the left heel back. Find that lift up
through the pelvic floor by squeezing the
inner thighs to the midline. Hands can come to the waistline or we’ll sweep the
fingers forward, up and back. Finding high lunge here. Bend your back knee to
get your center underneath you so we can find,
so we can activate that loop of energy that goes
up through the front body and down through the back body. You got this. Inhale, pull the thumbs back.
Lift your chest. We can also be here,
working on the same principles with the back knee down. Excellent. Take one more
big breath in here. Find expansion. On the exhale, we’re gonna turn and open to the left,
Warrior II. If you were on your knee, you’re just gonna
turn your left toes towards the
right side of your mat, and work here.
Voila, same principles. If the big knee’s lifted,
make sure we are actively
pressing into the outer edge of the back foot. From here, we’re gonna
activate the left inner thigh. Big breath in. Sink deeply
into that front knee, front knee over front ankle. Inhale in, reach the
right fingertips all the way up. Send it back. And then exhale, cartwheel all
the way back to your lunge. Peek at me if you need to. Beautiful. Back to the
low lunge, here we go. Stepping the right toes back, belly to Cobra, or
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog, your version. You can also
skip this at any time, and just go right to Down Dog. That’s where we’ll meet. Inhaling in deeply. And exhaling completely. Alright, here we go,
bend the knees. Inhale to look forward. Exhale, baby steps or
step or hop to the top. I cannot stress enough,
you really making those kind of transitions your own
along with everything else. Inhale lifts
you up halfway here. Exhale to soften and fold. Beautiful. Root to rise here. Press into all four
corners of the feet. Inhale to reach for the sky.
Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, take it
all the way down. Alright, second side. Here we go.
Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and fold. Bend your knees. Step your right toes back. So we’ve been here
with the back knee down. We can repeat that.
Otherwise, let’s keep it lifted. Really activating the right heel towards the back
edge of your mat. Here we go, squeezing,
inner thighs to the midline. Finding that, lift up
from the pelvic floor. So we worked to create a full body experience. Hands on the waistline or reaching the fingertips
forward, up and back, high lunge. Or back knee lowered. Alright so I love high lunge as a shape, an asana,
to work on activation because you can really
kind of feel everything going in every
different direction. Unless, you start
to align and activate. So find that lift
up through the front, that grounding through the back.
Go ahead and bend your back knee to get your
center underneath you and then you can work to
straighten that leg in time. Good, sink a little deeper.
You got this. You can even look up. And then on an exhale,
here we go. Opening Warrior II to the right, pulling the pinkies back. Activating so really
pressing into the outer edge of your right foot. And then everyone,
in these Warrior postures, working from the ground up, begin to draw energy up
from the arches of the feet, activate your right inner thigh. Nice long, tall spinal columns. So there’s a
tendency to want to lean here. Peek at me. So we wanna pull this back. Nice, stacked spine. Good then here we go. Flip your left palm up. Inhale, reach
forward, up and back. Reach way back, big breath in. Exhale, to cartwheel
all the way down. Have a little fun. Last chance for vinyasa here.
You can totally skip it. We’re gonna step
the left toes back. You can go
straight to Downward Dog or you can move
through a little flow. When you’re in Downward Dog,
go ahead and take a deep
breath in through the nose. And exhale out through
the mouth, don’t be shy. Bend your knees generously. Inhale to look forward, and exhale to make
your way to the top. Last time, inhale, halfway lift. Find the length. Exhale to soften and fold. Root to rise here. Inhale, reach for the sky. Big breath, big stretch. And exhale, hands to heart. Pause here.
Try not to fidget. Observe your breath. Relax your shoulders. So, to activate to bring this notion of activation
into our practice requires action. It requires discipline, y’all. So, keep that in mind as we
move throughout our journey. There are gonna be days
where the body may be tired or the mind may be distracted. And we’re gonna keep turning back to this idea,
this commitment to just finding, what can
I activate in this moment? What can I do to
support myself in this moment? Because, this is part of the
awakening process too. Activation is part of
the awakening process. Inhale in.
Exhale, bend your knees send your hips way,
way, way, way, way back. Press into your heels. And begin to reach
the fingertips forward so you have a little
counter balance here. Low body, sinking down low. Fingertips reaching forward. Not necessarily up, forward. What can you activate here
for these last three breaths? Squeezing the legs together,
digging into the heels. Send the hips a little lower,
Utkatasana, for three, two, one, rise up. Release the fingertips down. We’re gonna end in
Mountain Pose here today. So stand up nice and tall like you love yourself. So they’re gonna be some bumps on the journey home. And just remember,
you have the tools and maybe, open your mind. Be willing to activate
(laughs) those tools. And know that it will
require some discipline. Let’s draw the hands together. We got this, don’t we? Inhale in. As you exhale, go ahead and
bow your head to your heart. You have everything
you need, as do I. It’s an honor and a pleasure
to share this time with you. To explore and to support one another on our journey home. One final breath in. And we close with Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)