Hi it’s Eva from ChangeMyEatingHabits.com,
so today I decided to review the NutraPhoria school of holistic
nutrition. A lot of you have been sending me emails and Facebook comments and
messages, so I decided to do a video to explain to you where I did my education
and what I think of the schools. So here we are on the NutraPhoria website and as
you can see it’s a school of holistic nutrition you have the access to tier 1
which is health coaching to become a health coach and there’s also tier 2 to
become a holistic nutritionist. I did the holistic health coaching program which
took me about a year, it’s a one-year online program. It consists of about four
classes and all classes you’re supposed to read a few books and answer quizzes
for each module and at the end of each course you get to do an exam. Also, you
would have you will have to submit some blog posts which is good because you get
to practice and after the fourth class you will get access to a business course
called the business blueprint that will help you once you graduate for your
business. It has a lot of online business tips and tricks like how to set up your
website, how to get clients, how to put online books, eBooks, programs, it’s a very
good program. For each class, you will need to do reading it’s about five to
maybe eight hours of work per week but it’s very very educational, you learn a
lot about nutrition, you learn how to eat better, what’s good for your body,
vitamins, minerals, how the body works, how to do meal planning, how to it’s very
very complete as a as a course. When I completed my one year I decided
also to specialize. So I specialize in the vegetarian nutrition but you can
choose any specialization that you want you can go into mind body nutrition, you
can go into nutrition for children and there’s even sports and nutrition
specialists that you can choose as a specialization and that’s after your one
year online program and in my case the vegetarian nutrition one was for about
four months and I actually just graduated in July 2018, I got my
certificate in my vegetarian nutrition but I’m a health coach since fall 2016.
So I’m really excited. As you can see, the four classes that are taught in the
health coaching Tier one program are fundamentals of Integrative Nutrition
the principles of holistic health and nutritional medicine in nutrition
science and application and coaching skills and meal planning essentials. So
like I said, once you finish all of these four, you will get access to the
nutrition business blueprint. A lot of people write to me and ask me because
they’re interested in starting this new career and it’s life-changing for
sure. I started it because I wanted to learn a lot about nutrition and to help
myself with my own health journey and then I decided to become a health coach
and it’s been a great journey until now. So that’s why I wanted to show you which
program I took and if you are interested in taking it, you will see it will change
your life forever. If ever you want to do tier 2, tier 2
also is you will have to complete tier 1 so that’s the advanced holistic
nutritionist diploma and this one has three classes and it’s a bit harder but
I haven’t done it yet, but the courses that are in it are anatomy and
physiology, nutritional symptomatology and pathology and mind body nutrition. So
a lot of people that not have done the second tier and they
say it’s amazing, so if you ever want to be a holistic nutritionist and practice
as a nutritionist, you can do this one as well after you finish your first tier
one. So I hope you enjoyed the review I personally love this school, the
customer service was great, they answered my questions in 48 hours about of emails
and the people are nice there’s also a Facebook group that we have access to
and the students can talk to each other and encourage each other and it’s great
and we help each other. Also in the online course when you log in everything
is well aligned, it tells you which books you need to buy, which quizzes you need
to do per day per week sorry and which when your exam is coming up. So I’m truly
satisfied with this course, I’m really happy I took it and I recommend it to
anyone looking to learn more about holistic nutrition and to start your
journey to better health. So click the link below to learn more
there’s I’ve included a PDF for you to have more details on the program and if
you want you can also write to me so stay healthy and talk soon. (Change My Eating Habits)