Hello, I’m Mami Tsang, I’m the owner of chi yu wellness centre and complementary therapy practitioner. In this video I am going to
introduce Holistic Aromatherapy. Holistic Aromatherapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses the essential oils to bring harmony to body and mind. Essential oils are vital life essence extracted from various part of plants, fruits, flowers
and trees. Each essential oil contains powerful natural chemicals, that have therapeutic properties to alleviate physical and emotional stress.
All of our essential oils are high quality and grown organically or wild. At your initial consultation, your practitioner will ask about your main concerns and symptoms as well as your medical history general health and lifestyle. So your therapist can treat
you holistically as well as treat your symptoms. Based on your needs and preference, a unique blend of essential oils will be chosen and mixed with a suitable carrier oil before being applied to the skin. During the treatment, essential oils are absorbed into your body through the skin by massage and inhalation through the nose.
Molecules within the oils enter through the bloodstream into the nervous system, influencing your emotional and physical well-being. The scents released by essential oils also
act on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain influencing the hormone balance and nervous system, so that the inhalation of the oils can improve your immune system, your mood and relieve stress. The combination of massage, inhalation and therapeutic quality of essential oils can soothe, revitalise, uplift your mind and body and support the body’s own healing ability.