The Wellness Landscape as we know it is ad-hoc and scattered the consumer needs something simple
across multiple touchpoints which involves life at work and outside of work Over 60 percent of employees feel that job stress is the reason they fall sick Over 40 percent change jobs because of that stress in-spite of billions being spent on employee benefits and wellness programs motivation, engagement and wellbeing improvement still pose a challenge so we thought HOD (Health on Demand) a connected health technology for Corporate Wellness Let’s begin you’re Wellness Journey Employees can visit the HOD anytime
for a Health Check Buy Products to improve health and
well-being Consult Health Experts and Doctors On Call You can track participation and health trends to improve your program outcomes Open a World to a MOTIVATED EMPLOYEE A more ENGAGED WORKFORCE And BETTER WELLBEING across your organization. What’s your MEW Score? HOD UP YOUR WORKPLACE