Hey what’s up everybody?
Mitch from Stick Mobility. Here we’re going to show you a little way
to stretch and work on your adductors. So we’re gonna get a nice stretch, and some good activation in there so
we can strengthen those outer realms. So I’ve got right knee down. What we want to do is, I want to go dorsiflexion so we get that tie-in of the toe through the glute to the adductor as we start moving. Stick will start right about in front
of the knee maybe just outside. I’m using a 6-footer here so I can have more to play with and then we’re going across the body you’re reaching up. So first move, and then your placement for this leg is probably going
to be somewhere around 9 o’clock, 8 o’clock realm. If you don’t have that much range maybe go up to 10.
So somewhere between 8 and 10. Reaching across we also get some
spiral line stretch in here. First move, I want you to take this hip
and dip it down towards the ground so you really get into that adductor tie-in. So dip it down
and then push into that a leg and slide yourself over. So we’re just gonna hold there. Now I’m gonna push down into
the stick to irradiate tissue. So probably you could be anywhere from 30 – 50%.
Start lighter build yourself up. At the same time, this leg I’m also driving
into the ground, so you create that strength. So we hold 5 to 10 seconds and
then you’re gonna drive yourself out. So I’m going to also pull with my glute
and my right abductor to pull myself out so we can strengthen that tie-in. So I’m just gonna take it through a few reps here. Always pushing down through the stick. Same position and now take the stick, place it right
at the toe, inside the toe so it doesn’t slide on you, and we’re just going at the other angle
so you get a different stretch. Again, first move, dip the hip down and then slide it over. So now I’m getting a different spiral line
stretch with that adductor stretch. Always irradiating the tissues, pushing down through the stick and driving your right leg into the ground. And then we flow with it. Your movements three to five reps. Only three for right now, to strengthen
that connection after we’ve stretched it. From there we can flow around and just go
one arm hang and add some active reaching in. So you’re trying to actively reach and push
your hand as far as you can in these positions and then take it to a crossbow.
Get between those scaps. Bang for your buck. Aright I’ll take it back to the other side
and then hang from this side. Just reach down, push into the ground, activate the core,
nice reach forward so we get a Monkey Hang in here. And then cross body reach. So we’re just tying the whole body in together to
create some good stretching while strengthening. And then finish with the crossbow here So if you’ve had any abductor or groin issues, good way to get in there stretch it out,
strengthen it at the same time. It can be used as a warm-up or it can be your recovery. Get stretching. Stick Mobility.
Movement made better.