hey guys thank wall here okay as you can see he in the 30 Sam is out so let's try this I'm going to just be using a really tanky Astra Zorro team hopefully I actually have an astros are okay here we go this guy's max so this is going to be the team i'm using just so i can demonstrate like how much damage everything does like what everything how everything is basically going to be throughout the dungeon what you need to look out for what not the ideal team that you want to use the run 3 stamina like fast and effectively would be a double mihawk slasher team but maybe you guys have been involved you me okay maybe you guys didn't even get a mihawk so Astros or 0 is failsafe like pretty easy like I up almost 47,000 HP with this so like we should be able to tank a few it's so start out just take out these guys they only have one turn cool down so can't really even stall on them anyways these guys all have one turn cool down to that sucks okay oh nice blue pirate penguin so how would you want to do this this stage you probably want to stall in the turtle the turtle has about 2,000 or 2020 HP which is quite a bit for a turtle team turtle I pretty sure so yeah it's what you want to do you just want to if you're if you can't really run this that efficiently just want to sell on the turtle for your specials as much as you can especially if you're the Asher's or team you have the health to back it up so this is where you want to do it for the me honk team is it's the total 750 so it's not that big of a deal but for the me on team I think you just need you should you probably just need to stall for yourself special it shouldn't be that difficult without it you're doing it you probably do a lot of damage with the double asteroids or Oh team this this stage might give you a little bit of trouble if your units aren't that high level just because uh yeah all red so yeah fortunately my phone's like being dumb again so yeah obviously if you use the meac team you don't want to take too much damage so I already of the yourself special up but let's just say you don't have fully max through so cool okay so full bodied is 3000 every hit that something that keep in mind he did a special right at the beginning of this stage but my phone froze yeah obviously it didn't do like too much damage that is still well over half now you can't really selling these guys out of there wherever okay this this round you probably want to stall in the turtle again I'm guessing he's going to do the same amount as the last eyelid just take this guy out and chill ok so the full body special does 4,800 damage and then he attacks every turn for 3,000 so you you're going to want to take him out pretty fast so if you're running the slasher team you're going to want to have like a red or you're going to have a blue some like one or two blue slashers possibly on your team so that's something to look out for if you use an ash resort team it shouldn't be that big of a deal like you'll have so much HP obviously my units are pretty high level so you won't as much HP as me but you should have at least like 30,000 so at this point you still have like 14,000 HP so again just stall on the turtle in pretty pretty easy mode he is really good because he was really good to jam on because the stamina you get it for 30 stamina you got about 5,800 XP and she has really good skill books as well so these two her two little henchman guys here have 90,000 or yeah 90 1000 HP each and they they do they do about 2,000 of turn i believe so obviously you're just gonna want to pop your who saw a special I'm just gonna pop mihawk special just to get this over with and then um kina has around 500,000 HP and she does a 3000 attack every turn and when she gets below 15 or when she gets below fifty percent she does she locks it unit 413 turns which you're gonna like that's that's a really big deal because when you local unit 4 15 turns or when she locks if she ends up locking you wonder your captain's just randomly that's going to screw you over because that takes away the extra damage that captain gives to your team so you do significantly less damage so that's something that's like the main thing you want to watch out for but obviously if you have who subspecialties she won't do it thats just below fifty percent right now so yeah hina is not that difficult if you're having a hard time just run the Astros orb team but if you're if you're confident you should be able to run that mihawk team really easily if especially if your levels are high enough so that's pretty much everything you need to expect out of hina then ya blue pyar penguin it's nice the the four nights from now on I'm going to start giving a lot more XP they're going to start giving the evo materials you actually need for the for the raid boss themselves so I don't have hina yet but I'm guessing I'm guessing she takes like a blue pyar penguin like an adult seahorse and some are like that blue robber penguin or something like that with a blue crab so um but yeah that's hina hopefully you guys can get through them pretty get through her pretty easily i should say and good luck