Hello HEXPOL nation
I am Dr. Mary Jeannne Holt and I am back to speak with you again about wellness and
promoting our wellness program here at HEXPOL. I’m speaking to you from our
Dyersburg campus and I am delighted to be with you and if you recall last time
that we were together I spoke about about wellness and the idea that
wellness is a lifestyle wellness is the idea that we are being proactive about
our health and well-being that we are willing to continually learn new
information so that we can make better choices every single day to increase our
health and well-being and today I want to talk specifically about the
dimensions of wellness so last time again I mentioned that there are these
different dimensions of wellness meaning different areas of life that absolutely
affect our ability to be healthy and to be happy so the first dimension of
wellness that I want to address is just the physical dimension so that has to do
with your body and anything that affects your body has to do with the physical
dimension such as what we choose to eat what we choose to drink how well we
sleep whether or not we choose to exercise all of these things affect our
physical bodies which affect our wellness the other thing that is very
important to me it’s called the mental dimension it’s also referred to as the
intellectual dimension of wellness and the intellectual dimension has nothing
to do with how smart you are or how far you win in school it just has to do with
how you choose to use your thoughts and for a lot of people this is a big deal
because we’re not really taught this in school or as a society but we have the
ability actually choose what we think and I mentioned this before and I’ll say
it probably multiple times during our time together for every thought you
think your body creates a chemical and your body talks to itself all the time
in two different ways one is through our chemicals that we produce such as our
hormones and our neurotransmitters but also through the central nervous system
and that has to do with chiropractic that’s what I do every day on a daily
and that’s more in the central nervous system our nerves talked to each other
through our nerves talk to the different parts of the body our brain to the
periphery of the body but there through the nervous system it’s like little
chemical or electrical impulses I should say when we talk about the others these
are the chemicals again our hormones are neurotransmitters and and they’re
resulting from how we are thinking so again you have a huge ability to affect
your happiness every single day by the thoughts that you think so that is a
huge a huge thing for most of us to learn that the other dimension I want to
speak about is our emotional dimension so again that has to do with our
feelings our emotional nature and what comes to mind first of all with emotions
has to do with our ability to not necessarily react to things that happen
in our environment but to take a moment and actually respond and I think we all
know that by now because we’re all adults we can’t just go out there and
respond or I’m sorry react initially to everything that comes up but as we get
more and more into wellness what you will be learning I hope is that you have
the ability to actually slow down and not only not react and to respond more
appropriately to any situation but also more positively to any situation to
actually use your ability to to think ahead of time and to choose a more
optimal approach to any given situation so that you can stay as positive as
possible because again remember every thought you think is creating a chemical
it’s either promoting health or illness and your thoughts and your emotions are
so intertwined no one has definitely said which one
comes first you know the thought or the emotion and I’ve looked into this quite
a bit in my professional life so they’re so intertwined we just want to keep both
our thoughts and our emotions as positive as possible and not to make it
sound like it’s Pollyanna it’s not at all you’re gonna have things come up
during the day that you’re not going to agree with but the more
that you can just take a moment and choose your response choose to stay
positive give yourself the ability to be in
control and actually winning and I call it a win in your situation that you will
be happier and healthier and again we’ll talk in more detail about this as we go
along but I think you understand what I’m talking about for your thoughts and
for your emotions we have a choice and we don’t have to grab hold of the first
thing that comes up in our mind we don’t have to identify with our thoughts and
emotions we can actually take a breath and choose to be more positive than we
may initially feel the other thing I want to talk about is the social
dimension so social dimension of wellness relates to how we feel in our
relationships now this is huge and it’s something we may not think about all the
time but you absolutely know that if there is someone that you care about
that you’re in close relationship with maybe it’s your significant other maybe
it’s just a close girlfriend or just friend or even co-worker if it’s someone
that means something to you that has that relationship has value to you if
you are somehow having a bump in the road is what I call it you don’t feel so
good inside and if you’re not feeling so good inside you’re not thinking positive
thoughts and you’re not creating happy chemicals inside of your body so it’s
very important to always keep our relationship with others as positive as
possible if you feel there’s a bump in the road talk about it get out there and
communicate don’t let something become bigger than it needs to be because that
detracts from your ability to stay happy and to stay well and the other thing I
want to mention about the social dimension it’s not just how we relate to
other people the really biggest piece here is how we relate to ourselves
because most people do not have a loving relationship with themselves
unfortunately this is a big lesson in life for most of us and keep in mind
I’ve been in private practice as a chiropractor for you know almost 30
years or maybe thirty two years it’s been a long time I’ve talked to a lot of
people about their health and their wellness and I’ve done I’ve practiced
nutrition for I don’t know at least 12 years
so I’ve had a lot of experience with this and for my own self as well I know
that having a positive loving and when I say love I’m talking about unconditional
unconditional loving relationship with yourself is absolutely vital to being
able to have that kind of experience with someone else it really starts with
your relationship with yourself and then when you are able to be compassionate
with yourself no matter how many mistakes you make I’m speaking from my
own experience but I’m assuming other people have that the same thing that we
are all perfectly imperfect that’s why we’re on the planet and we are here to
help each other and support each other learn and grow but one of the biggest
pieces of that puzzle is working with ourselves loving ourselves and then as
we extend compassion to ourselves we are much more likely to want to and be
willing to extend that compassion to others when they may make mistakes along
the way so that’s something I want you to focus on is having that loving
relationship with yourself being unconditionally accepting of yourself
first the other dimension of wellness has to do with the environment is called
environmental wellness and there are actually three aspects to this that I
want to point out one is absent you know I’m pointing to there’s a window out
here how do I feel about the the environment outside am i concerned that
we have enough clean air and clear clean water for everybody on the planet to
survive yes that’s important to me so you need to ask that of yourself and
I do feel a relationship with the trees and the grass and the birds that sing
absolutely I also have a relationship with the environment inside of a
building so in any room in your home in your workplace you can look the color of
the paint on the wall makes a difference I’m telling you in prisons and hospitals
they do not put red paint on the wall red is the color that is associated with
more car accidents if you drive a red car be careful if
you’re wearing a red dress you’re not trying to hide in the crowd it’s a color
that has a lot of energy associated with it it’s not a bad thing I’m just saying
each color again is energy and it it has it evokes certain emotions because our
emotions are energy as well so you will in hospitals and prisons softer colors
like blues nice soft gentle colors so think about that in your workspace or in
your home space so the colors on the wall the type of lighting you have there
was a great clip I just happened to be listening to this it was some someone
being interviewed on TV TV and it was about your home office and it really
caught my attention because this was great I happen to love art and so what
they said the first thing for your home office that you want to choose is your
chair as a chiropractor that caught my attention you want your chair to be
comfortable to support your back and support your joints
the next thing Believe It or Not number two the art choose something for your
wall something to give you a feeling of relaxation and inspiration
so that again as part of the environmental dimension of health the
other dimension I want to bring up is called the spiritual dimension and I
love to talk about spirituality I don’t talk about religion we’re not going
there but spirit relates to everything that we don’t see so again I feel a
spiritual connection with the trees outside
I feel a spiritual connection with my fellow man with my co-workers with my
friends with my pets so the the big thing here is the question that you can
ask yourself in the spiritual dimension do I feel a part of something that is
larger than myself is there a sense of trust that I have with an energy that is
bigger than I am that’s something that connects all of us
that makes us all one just something to ask yourself there’s there’s no right or
wrong with how you interact with these dimensions but it’s very important to
pay attention to them to think about them again because how you feel about
these things affects your ability to have a sense of success a sense of
well-being in all aspects of your life so the other thing I want to speak about
today is going back to wellness and the definition I want to break the
definition down into smaller bits of information so number one how wellness
is the ability to be proactive so being proactive means that we are being active
before something has so when it comes to health versus
illness being proactive as far as wellness means you’re paying attention
to your body that if you’re getting some kind of symptom if you’re starting to
feel low-energy that you do something about that immediately you don’t wait
for that to turn into something bigger where then you have to go to the doctor
you have to take drugs or you have to miss work no you’re paying attention
right on you’re right on top of it so my energy is low what do I need to do for
some for some that means you take a nap you get some extra rest if you’ve been
resting too much maybe you need to go for a walk that sort of thing but it’s
being proactive paying attention every single moment wellness is also taking
responsibility for our health and well-being so that’s very similar to
being proactive you’re being responsible yourself as much as you can and what
we’ll find research shows this that they followed certain groups of people for a
number of years and they found that people that were choosing a wellness
lifestyle saw the medical doctor less frequently and I believe it was 35% less
frequently for minor illnesses minor conditions that’s huge because none of
us want to go to the doctor sometimes we have to absolutely
but for these minor aches and pains or minor symptoms that come up we don’t
have to go running to the doctor if we’re being proactive if we’re taking
responsibility for our health again wellness is an ongoing process I want to
point this out because we’re looking at all these different dimensions of
wellness and the whole idea is that we want to be as successful in every area
as possible but that’s never going to happen we’re going to be as successful
as possible in every area life just doesn’t work that way we’re going to be
balancing these different dimensions all the time and some of the time we’re
going to be giving more priority to one than another but the idea that goal is
to be as successful as apart as possible in any one area but what I want to point
out it’s not like you’re you have a goal of reaching a certain point it’s
something that you’re working towards all the time it’s just an ongoing
process the other thing that’s important to mention that wellness is based upon a
willingness now pay attention to this see how your body feels
talk about I’m willing to be open to new ideas as opposed to the opposite which
is willpower when you’re coming from willpower you’re coming from a place of
kind of the ego you’re coming from really tightening up your body tightens
up yes I can do it I’ve got the willpower I can do it
I know I don’t want you to do that because that’s not healthy compare that
to the willingness and when I’m willing to be open to new ideas I’m totally at
ease I’m totally relaxed my I call it my heart my heart is open my mind is open
and when I speak to you guys when I’m teaching I’m always speaking from both
places the head and the heart so so pay attention to that just be willing to
learn new ideas and just that simple willingness will make a huge change in
your in your daily living also wellness is a state of health that
is closely related to your lifestyle and I’ll mention this multiple multiple
times lifestyle is huge because in our country in modern society what we suffer
from the most are chronic illnesses chronic illnesses are over 90 percent
the result of our lifestyle choices not our genes I will be talking about this
off and on maybe every time we get together because it’s huge most people
still think it’s our genes that determine our chronic disease that is
not true it is lifestyle so again lifestyle is based on our
choices and so we want to develop the healthiest lifestyle possible and the
more that we can learn what choices we have the more opportunity we have to
create a lifestyle of wellness and happiness in wellness we emphasize the
whole person so again body mind spirit that’s what we’re about at HEXPOL we’re
about choosing wellness and we’re about body mind spirit as I mentioned before
there is no difference you cannot separate your physical body from your
emotions and your thoughts because they’re all entwined and so that’s what
we are emphasizing here at HEXPOL with our wellness program wellness also
understands that everything that we think feel and
believe and experience has an influence upon our ability to express health or
not so again it’s what we think what we feel but also our beliefs and a lot of
our beliefs are in the subconscious area not our conscious mind our mind has
actually three different parts I’m going to talk about two of them right now one
is just our conscious mind where we choose our thoughts but the other part
is our unconscious and our unconscious part of our mind was actually all filled
up with certain beliefs by the time we were 6 years old so a lot of us have
belief systems that need to be updated and there are reasons that we we started
believing things before we were 6 years old and very quickly one of those is
because our brain our mind operates at a slower rate when we’re young and then it
starts speeding up and so but when we’re up to six years old
our mind is operating at a slower rate and everything we hear everything that
we experience goes into our subconscious and we’re as though it were true and
it’s not until we get older that we have the ability to really think about things
like do I believe that’s true or not so anything that as an adult you have a
hard time changing I would suggest that you have some kind of subconscious
programming that’s inhibiting that an example I like to use is for a young
child say they had an aunt who’s very loving and caring that the child sees
maybe once a year and so the aunt comes in and grabs that cheek and goes oh
you’re so cute and chubby and so cute and chubby that child will start could
start associating being cute with the in chubby that young child could have a
lifetime now of having a hard time losing weight because subconsciously
there’s a program that’s associating being attractive with being a little bit
chubby so I just want to mention that our our belief systems are huge in this
whole area of health and wellness and that’s something that we’ll look at in
more detail as we go along but it’s good just to be aware of that that when we’re
thinking mind/body/spirit when we’re thinking about choosing wellness
it’s important to start paying attention that’s all I’m asking you to do pay
attention to what you’re thinking what you’re feeling what your belief systems
are and choosing the most positive ones because the more positive the most
positive state that we can stay in as far as our thoughts our beliefs our
emotions the more positive chemicals that we’re creating in our body and the
happier that we’re going to be and I may not have mentioned this there’s tons of
studies this is part of this is a new part of psychology the study of how our
mind works psychology is called positive psychology and what science shows us
that anything that you do any activity that you do if you start out in a happy
mode you are going to be more successful at that you start out happy you’re going
to be more successful you could be baking a cake you can be working in your
yard you can be at work whatever you’re doing
and I think that is an incredibly important piece of information to know
because again we can choose wellness we can choose happiness we can choose to be
happy we can choose to be positive and to think happy thoughts
so that is my wellness thought for you for the day and thank you for joining me
and I look forward to seeing you next month and I wish you all a month of
wellness and happiness at heck’s paul okay bye you