In 1972, when I was lucky
enough to start teaching here, I started a course on
innovating in healthcare. I thought this school
was a perfect school to create the kinds of
innovators who would make a lasting impact on healthcare. So I gave it a shot. It was a risk. I didn’t know that
the students would be interested at that time. But the founding of the
Health Care Initiative was just pivotal in changing the
environment around healthcare in the school. Enrollment grew. We now have physicians
in every class. We have students who come
from health insurance. We have people who come
from the great technology. We had none of those
people at that time. So I have two strengths–
one is the policy, one is the management. And I’ll pull
whatever strings I can to make these things happen. These things being a more
consumer-focused industry which is better,
cheaper, more accessible. And that has the
transparency that people need so they can be
intelligent when they’re using the healthcare system. Reggie’s importance to
this faculty is massive. She has had an impact on the
lives of so many practitioners in this area, and
she continues to find ways to connect her current
students to those existing leaders in healthcare delivery. I took my first position
based on her involvement with the company. And since then,
I’ve consistently sought Professor
Herzlinger’s advice when I’ve had a career
decision to make. And I found it very helpful. I stay in touch with the
healthcare community. And I do it worldwide. And so I get to know
a lot of people. She always had amazing guests. And so we were always
super excited to know who are we going to meet
and what story are we going to hear from them? So I have quite a
big contact list. That contact was completely
open to my students. If I have the contact, I
will enable them to reach it. Professor Herzlinger’s ideas
have had a big impact on me. Her perspectives on
thinking about the patient or the consumer as
a key stakeholder in their own
healthcare journey has been part of how I’ve approached
looking for technologies and built this current one. I wrote a book called “Market
Driven Healthcare,” which initially had a
response like oh, she’s just a horrible capitalist. She’s going to ruin healthcare. But the point of the book
was that health care was not sufficiently oriented
toward its consumers. Ultimately, “Market
Driven Healthcare” became a best-selling book
and won a number of awards, and I followed it
up with other books. So I’m very proud
of my students. Students are amazing, and
they’ve done amazing things. It’s really thrilling to
see the transformation that this school enables.