yes I am finally back this is road to
body power 2020 this series has been going on for quite
a bit now as I am entering body power 2020 and I will be completing next year
at body palette if you’ve been following me recently obviously you know being not
very well with a crow problem it’s still there but I’m on medication now so it’s
not going to stop me it is one day and I am just in the bus
stop waiting to get on the bus to work and then it’s my first day back of the
gym after work for two almost two weeks so what am I gonna do how will they do
it one we’re gonna be training find out well I’ve just been to the gym the first
time in two weeks sorry there was no footage it was absolutely
rammed for some reason I got there at a later time
which I was gonna go at twelve I mean I was going to go at two sorry for my
exits can you pick up Kai because she’s she couldn’t get there so I have to go
back home because he goes to school near me pick him up and then wait for and
then I have to come back up I’m the boss obviously because it’s the other side of
where I live which takes about half an hour
so I didn’t get to the gym talk it must have been about five o’clock and then
well you know what it’s like in the gym around that time it’s just four and so I
didn’t really have any place to put my camera because everywhere is like busy
and it takes time filming so what I did today is I saw to have changed my
routine what I did was I did push day what I knew she do but I think push day
is quite exhausting for me I mean doing
chest shoulders and then tries it’s a lot of work so I’m gonna start doing
shoulders on leg day because legs are thus legs and I seem to not stay in the
gym very long when I do legs because obviously you owe me do probably have
four four movements five movements and and I was weak my throat thing came back
and I really do think it is porridge I’d like I had poached today I haven’t eaten
it I put it in like blended oats into my shake because I’m obviously balking and
it’s a good way of actually getting calories in if you know any other way of
getting calories in without point oats in please please let me know um women
and my bags falling off because it’s just annoying its EEP I had a
pre-workout as well one of the Wobs so it’s that or that obviously the
tablets what I’m taking the medication it’s it’s only been a couple of days
since I’ve been taking it so I think it give it a week and then that start
kicking in hopefully I am cutting oats out of my diet completely I’m not going
to have him eating I’m not going to I’m not going to basically take any pre work
Harry as well because I think it’s one of them um my mouth always goes dry as
well when I’m working out and I don’t know why um it correct me if I’m wrong
but I’m sure that your electrolytes help you with first in having dry mouth let
me know somebody who knows their stuff like Curtis if you watch this tell me is
that his electrolytes you know something that stops you from getting dry mouth
you know because some how much water I drink I still get dry
mouth and I did chest I was okay seeing it’s been two weeks I was okay did that
did incline I did I did my reps yeah I wasn’t I wasn’t rubbish but I wasn’t
great what I’m expecting that halfway through I started gagging not as bad but
I still was doing it and then I’m doing arms three times a week now oppositely
that program last year and I want to get arms my arms bigger I want at least get
another half an inch so I can get 16-inch arms because when I start
cutting down for the show obviously I’m gonna lose the fat around my arms
because obviously my hard will not be 16-inch when I’m actually shredded um
but I’m doing the arms three times a week Monday Wednesday and Friday if if
my arms they’re not aching and I’m I basically I was in there for like
three hours so whoever says go into the gym for an
hour obviously don’t trade or nasha do really lightweight and you’re doing
about three sets that’s it because there’s no way you could actually if
you’re doing a proper workout and you’re working the whole chair so I’m doing
incline decline main chest I’m doing a compound movement that’s four and then
I’m doing flies and then you’re obviously going on to something else
that doesn’t take as long which is that’s why I like back because you do
your compound movement and then you get onto your isolate movements and it’s not
as time consuming what I am sorry I couldn’t get no footage and this was
just my first day back you won’t not want to see the footage today anyway
because it was absolutely terrible I’ve got a few of videos interesting fun
videos coming out as well I’m thinking about doing that bring Sally up the
challenge what made Matt Blakely did it recently but I’m gonna do it in a
different way I’m not telling anybody to so they don’t Nick it and I’m gonna be
doing a very very interesting video about bodybuilding and also I’m gonna be
doing a challenge for people to do with deadlifts so I will see you next time if
you’re new subscribe please help me out if you know anything to get them carbs
up in a sort of shake wise I appreciate those anyway I’ve gotta go because I’m
hungry and I need some food and it’s gonna take another half an hour 45 mins
to get home I will see you again next time you