Henry Cavill is currently training to
play the role of Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming Netflix series of The Witcher
which is an adaptation of a popular series of books and even a video game
series. He has been spotted recently at a gym in Budapest looking absolutely huge
potentially dwarfing his physique from the recent Superman movies. So Henry
Cavill has always gotten to excellent shape for his movie roles but this is a
definite progression in his condition and size. During his school years
Henry was actually known by his friends as Fat Cavill. What was your nickname at
school? My nickname at school was Fat Cavill. Which was a very apt nickname
considering my name was indeed Cavill and I was indeed fat. How lardy where you? My dad always said from the age of about 13 I stayed the same weight until I was 25 I just got
taller. Okay so you were enormously fat at 13? I don’t know about enormously fat. You were morbidly obese you could have died. In some
of Henry Cavill’s earlier movie roles such as The Tudors he had a slender but
fairly ordinary physique. It wasn’t until he played Theseus in the movie Immortals that he was first noticed for having a very impressive physique. During his time Henry Cavill worked with Mark Twight from Gym Jones and he
continued to work with him to develop size as well as condition for the Superman movies. However for The Witcher recent social media posts seem to suggest that
Henry Cavill is now working with Dave Rienzi.
Dave Rienzi is an American bodybuilder who owns the Rienzi Strength and
Conditioning facility in Florida. He is perhaps best known for being the
strength training coach to Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. He is also married to Dany
Garcia who is the ex-wife of Dwayne Johnson. If Henry Cavill is working with
Dave Rienzi I expect he’s on a similar bodybuilding style workout plan and diet
as is used by The Rock. The Rock’s workout is typically a five-day training split
with his main training sessions split into back chest legs shoulders and arms.
Previously for Superman roles Henry Cavill has been known to eat around
5,000 calories per day during his bulking phase which then gets reduced to
around 2500 calories per day during a cutting phase. The rock diet is very
similar to the diet plan used by Mark Twight which is typically high protein
has lots of carbs and moderate fat. Meals consist of a lean protein source such as
chicken and fish a carb source to help recover from the intense workouts and
lots of veggies. Personally I’m very excited to see Henry Cavill in The
Witcher which is expected to be released on Netflix at the end of 2019