Oh hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Robin and I'm a Canadian living in the UK I've lived here for the past two-and-a-half years I get so many questions commenting on my accent like where's this come from so I figured I'd clear things up with that anyway so today's video is gonna be a vlog which is another requested video I'm planning on taking you guys through my day showing you my food my workouts walking bill bits cetera today's video is sponsored by audible got a really really good audio book recommendation but more on that later so in the intro clip you guys saw my breakfast that's a very very typical breakfast for me I've been having that pretty much every single day for the past couple of weeks I tend to get obsessed with a certain thing for breakfast and I just keep wanting it over and over and over again I don't know if anyone else's like that or if it's just me Becky is actually just about to come over I'm not sure if I mentioned on a video before but I employ Becky I've known her for the past two and a half years we've been working together the whole time I definitely consider her one of my closest friends she's gonna be here soon and then I think we're going to go over a few plans and then go to the gym and usually we would go to the gym in Sully hole which is called Fitness first because it just has the best lighting and setup for filming and we'll film Instagram videos there but I think today we're gonna workout in my home gym and I think we're going to Train legs but I'm not sure so we'll discuss when she gets here I'm in need of a leg session so yeah we'll see clean that up before YouTube I would like you to formally meet Becky Becky tell YouTube what you do mentioned that we work together but I've never said what you actually do so yeah so basically I would be nothing without her she does everything for me we're gonna go work out now I think I'm gonna have a snack you saw Becky eat her banana earlier typical daily banana okay so I'm actually going to have a race takes a little bit of almond butter and a tiny bit of blueberry jam just to give it a little bit of sweetness and then plus the banana so I'm gonna make I have this one from Milani new which I bought myself because I was sucked in by industry marketing and this is a my protein one this one's really really good it has a lot of caffeine in it though so I only have a little tiny bit and it's slow-release caffeine you don't get that burst of energy and then crash after workout so I really like using a tiny bit of this and the flavor of the Elan EMU is really really good so I'm gonna combine these and make my pre work that would have that and then Thunder God no I am NOT son of man let's keep falling the coming in I got you but you start acting like left to the bank you know that I'm coming in we all do it for the band's don't we don't do it for the cloud see you Cinco turn top dog greedy ones getting knocked off I keep looking at the bench like I could never not bar codes keep me in the game crazy daddy with the range I keep looking in the mirror like who is he I'm saying Who am I here saying guess I ain't no one to blame what's done is done won't change time to live up to my name will be real fake going took time with this here I made for well no sleep no sleep no some big meet me at the bank told my momma break the tray locked in imma change the weight worked for babies kids hard times couldn't make the rent work hard couldn't say % lonely nights just mean guy sweater him always me is grab a paper city knows hate coming by the tools walk a mile in my shoes some nuke another door got my back against the wall bet our dough who you are you feel hey guys so it's now the next day yesterday we watch Phil which you guys saw you got some photos for Instagram and then I ended up editing the whole rest of the day which to be honest is like the least interesting thing to vlog so here we are I didn't get a chance to talk about that workout and it was so good it was really intense you guys could probably tell from how many sets that we did but we were actually sweating and shaking by the end of it I'd like to do one heavier high volume leg workout per week and during those workouts that's when I like to push and hit em UPR especially for hip thrusts provided you're Adam who we've recovered I think this is a really good way to push yourself and to ensure that you're getting stronger over time I found it's the best way for me to get up to a heavier weight while still actually feeling it in my glutes as much as possible it is something that you do have to sacrifice the heavier that you go but I like to think that there's a good middle ground so you got out to a hundred kg it was my second time doing that weight I ended up hitting more reps and it was actually Becky's first time doing a hundred kg so she absolutely killed it I love working out with her because we push each other and like you get a little bit of healthy competition so it's really fun I usually prefer to do upper lower but I've been training a little bit less option than I would like to I would prefer to train a four to five times a week and honestly I've been training like three to four times per week so in order to get enough volume per body part I have been doing full-body sessions a little bit more often and looking back this was quite a long workout so I think if I did it again I would one or two exercises and I think if you guys are gonna do the workout you'll probably want to do that otherwise yeah we were there for a while anyways because the rest of yesterday ended up being a little bit boring and I didn't get to finish my vlog I wanted to pick back up today it's afternoon I've already had my lunch and I haven't actually walked build yet today now that the weather is a lot nicer I have been saving his walks for the afternoon because it tends to warm up during the day and it's just it's so relaxing and I love the fresh air in the ward and since I'm by myself today I'm gonna listen to an audiobook so I mentioned earlier that this video is in collaboration with and it's sponsored by audible and if you haven't heard of before is essentially an audio book and audio entertainment platform I absolutely love audible I've been a member for almost a year now I got it last summer I just find listening to audiobooks so much more convenient and practical like I actually get around to do it I get bored really easily and it just excuse my mind occupied and it feels really good to be like absorbing information possibly you guys know that I worked with audible in one of my previous videos and I was so happy that they reach out and wanted to work with me again so I jumped at the opportunity the thought of getting to promote anything related to learning on my channel is absolute dream and I got you with a really good book recommendation okay so I've been listening to this one so it's called attack and I actually initially discovered it from Emily Duncan she posted a recommendation on her story I personally prefer to consume information entertainment media whatever that has actual practical value and preferably science base I'm specifically really interested in psychology and personal development right now so I've been listening to a lot of stuff like that but this in particular is amazing I can't recommend it enough I would 100% say that this has changed my life just as much as 12 rules for lighthouse so it hatched talks about relationships and it gives science-based relationship advice I'm blessed to be in a really solid relationship but obviously all relationships come with struggles but what I have found super important for us is how well that we communicate I think that's what really has helped us push through like all the excessive traveling sometimes working and traveling together and sometimes traveling separately and so I do think that we do a pretty good job but there's always room for improvement and I'm always willing to learn especially if that could mean that I get to apply really good science-based information to make us have a better and a healthier relationship and honestly we both believe that a healthy long-term partnership actually does require sustained effort and you have to put in the work into the really to make sure that the other person is feeling cared for and valued you guys are both going to evolve and grow over time and you have to be willing to accept that and the other person and to like encourage them anyway so attached talks about what are called attachment styles and attachment styles are essentially your own unique relationship personality and knowing them can help you know how to look out for and choose the right partner determine whether you're in a good relationship or potentially a toxic one which I know a lot of people struggle with and if you are in a relationship which you feel is a good one and then it can help you better and nurture that relationship and it also gives you insights on how to understand your own needs and motives and then also understand your partners as well it's so so interesting and I would 100% recommend this to literally everyone like if you're a guy if you're a girl any person could benefit from this book and I think it will honestly change your life like it definitely has changed mine it's even me a massive insight into understanding like psychology within relationships which is very intriguing but it's also super practical because we're all in relationships at some point and honestly you'd be surprised at how simple the principles are it's not like really complicated or hard to grasp 100% recommend it's life changing so with audible of course I have a promo for any of you guys who haven't tried it yet with my link you'll be able to get your first audio book for free plus any two audible originals when you try audible for 30 days all you have to do is visit w-w-w Marvin gallant or if you're in the u.s. you can text Robin gland to 500 500 if you guys are unfamiliar audible is a membership it's one of my most cherished ones for self-care up there with my meditation with the membership you do get one audiobook credit per month and so for me that pretty much makes a membership pay for itself and it helps keep me accountable to like keep listening to something you every single month audible originals our audio titles created specifically at four audible so you can't find them anywhere else and they're created by celebrated authors in many different fields including meter journalism literature and more so yeah if you guys do you want to try you can click my link it in the description below or you can just type in at www mobbin gallant or again you can text robin glandt to 500 500 if you're in the US I really hope you guys try it and you love it it has honestly enriched my life so much I can't imagine myself not listening to audiobooks now that it's become part of my daily he kind of like habits and routines okay anyways I'm gonna go listen to this and take billed for his walk and I'll check in with you guys after [Applause] all along internet but you don't seem to forget about yourself wondering how it comes around but he didn't call for let me tell you about the trees in the season if I were to me and all the lights were on watchin bravery I'm really that's whirring into beautiful so ever let me tell you once again that is true Bansi forget about just can you breathe it in alright guys so we're back from a walk and now I'm gonna head over to the place that I buy his dog food his specialty all-natural raw dog food then we're gonna come back Ben should be home from work by then and I'm gonna make a supper and I'll show you guys what I make us for dinner but I have a really yummy meal planned you ready to go hello allocated notes by the way these are these are literally the best notes you'll ever everywhere Robins allocated me 25 grams a day so this is literally the highlight of every single day yeah I figure if I'm gonna feed myself the healthiest and best Whole Foods and those should have the same it's essentially minced up meat mixed with bone and organ meat and then vegetables as a complete diet these are more expensive to get the wild-caught but I try to get more of these just to avoid firming because obviously it's a dog so he has to eat meat does so so well in the story he did have some allergies now you don't have any problems anymore we used to taste no look how good he's always look that's the achilles tendon right these are natural treat alternatives so rawhide bones are bleached and there's like tons of chemicals in them this is pork rind and then this is beef tendon so it's really gross but it's a lot of healthier for your dog and while I'm showing you guys a ton of dog stuff I got this little package but it's to build a little PR pack oh my god thank you so much Barker really excited to you open it oh this is so nice oh the blue is so cute so look the hell did you get a new color okay yes oh you look so handsome look oh hell nah he's cold okay so to avoid this video turning into a dog law I'm gonna speak clean the kitchen before I start making us dinner I just like to have everything clean recording it's Saturday cause otherwise you get super messy and then blah blah but I've been trying to be a lot more strict with myself with cleaning up and making sure things stay clean because I've realized how much it impacts my mental health when things are all gross and messes everywhere it really clutters up my mind and I used to be one of those people who is like doesn't bother me but it definitely does bother me especially when my home is my workspace as well so anyways I really like watching time lapses of people fighting up it's satisfying so let's clean up so this is the before you got reasons that I removed from my granola cuz I'm not a fan and it's just a messy place right now not looking good and after Tara had to leave bills dog feed Oh tomorrow and this is David's chalk that he left here if he stays over he always leaves at least one of things so we've got a nice collection of stuff for him clean countertops and this is where I hide my stuff away it's a paper towel and my little compost bin that's sustainable so I were to make a dinner and I'm making a meal that I make pretty often for myself I'm gonna make myself baked salmon and because that isn't like salmon we're going to become breaded cod and usually we would pick a lighter dusted Cod so if you don't like salmon and you like whitefish then try to find this fresh packages with lightly dusted or you can just fit yourself but this is what we're using this is all we have for him and I'm gonna make roast potatoes alongside I'm gonna do half sweet potato half regular potato then we're gonna steam up some broccoli broccolini for me and prevent but you want to spare yessiree the only green that he can consume right now is asparagus we're sticking to that and Toby branch out to other things okay I'm gonna start my salmon well I can you can so what I would usually do on my sanding is lemon usually like half a lemon maple syrup and soya sauce that's my typical seasonings but this time I'm kind of feeling like something different so I'm gonna do lemon juice balsamic glaze which we got the last time you went to the grocery store I really enjoy a lot and some time and this is what I've been using on my potatoes ever since the video I did with hello fresh like I said every time I do best feature when I get inspired and try something new something hang out a lot Karen that man needs to start getting distracted by the role I like to add a little bit of sweetness to my food but this balsamic vinegar should be really sweet because it's a gliese I'm trying to use parchment paper instead of foil just fits a little bit better for the environment everything takes about 25 minutes so I'm gonna put on a drizzle of olive oil just a cat full don't need any more than that seasoning time now you just toss it it's really not easy you just throw it in the oven for 25 minutes while everything's in the oven I'm gonna start cooking my broccolini otherwise known as tender Sun broccoli in the UK I think this tastes better than the regular broccoli I'm just gonna chop it up and steam it lid on to steam it and then thats Ben's asparagus for later he likes frying his and now we weaved continue so if you're feeling something here you're thinking something if you've got something you're not 100 was immaculate and please make sure what you want to get into oh wow this salmon is so good I'm gonna be alright guys so that's gonna finish off this vlog I hope you enjoyed it I hope it was a good mixture of everything I feel like it was very dog heavy but I'll see what I end of it I felt really good about filming today some it's hit or miss me sometimes because I'm not very used to talking on camera can you stop blaming your new bone yeah I'm just getting used to talking on camera again and keeping my train of thought and they're not getting too awkward so hopefully it translates well if there are lots of cuts then you know why if you enjoyed this video and you want to see more like this and don't forget to give me a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification as well so that you'll know when I post a new video and if you guys have any ideas for future videos or anything that you'd like me to cover in any upcoming vlogs then leave me a comment down below alright guys I'm going to sign off here thank you again for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye no reason sometimes the truth is hard to see