My name is Anthony Cerabino and I have a wellness
center in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York. We have been there for 8 years now and we
are a multidisciplinary practice. We are under the auspices of alternative and
holistic health, or complimentary health. So we work alongside chiropractors, physical
therapists, neurologists, and oncologists so we are very excited about that and being
in the community. Most people come into the wellness center,
with pain. In general, people go to the doctors’ offices
because they are in pain. They come to the office because they don’t
want to take medications to mask their pain, they want relief, naturally. Also, we are getting a lot of people now with
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Acupuncture is actually a form of body work
with massage therapy and some of the other light touch therapies. So we can actually facilitate the flow of
energy through the body and get people to relax that way. That’s a big part of it actually. Most people come to the office because of
old back pain, or any kind of musculoskeletal. Now we are getting noted for some of the more
difficult neurological pathologies such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cancer. Acupuncture is becoming more known for infertility
alongside with their primary healthcare or their reproductive endocrinologist or their
OB/GYN. We are also known now for any kind of addiction
disorder. You could be addicted to anything; food, drugs,
alcohol. For the needle-shy people I do a thorough
explanation, I’ll demonstrate the needle, I’ll put the needle in my own skin. Its super painless, and there is a guide tube
to help facilitate the entrance of the needle. We’re really excited now because we are
treating allergy related autism. We are watching children change within two,
three, four treatments. Commonly seen allergens like vitamin C we
use for the common cold. She was allergic to vitamin C and she would
drink fruit juice all day because she didn’t drink water. You abstain from the allergen for 24 hours
and it breaks the cycle of the body responding to that allergen. NAET is a very exciting part of our practice
also. NAET is a combination of allopathic medicine,
chiropractic, kinesiology, which is muscle testing, nutrition, and a lot of chemistry. Moxibustion is burned to help promote low
white blood cell production, usually with someone going through chemotherapy. Moxibustion is, believe it or not, Moxa-bustion,
so its combustible and we light it so it gets absorbed into the skin which means heat will
speed up some of the reactions, heat will disperse, it will also nourish you and tonify
you. The herb itself has similar properties to
acupuncture, it helps the movement of the energy in the body. A growing portion of our practice is the use
of Chinese herbs. That treats the body from the inside out,
acupuncture treats the body from the outside in. So we are using basically the same medical
terminology and theory and combining the two modalities. Chinese herbs is like self-treatments at home
so you’re kind of getting an acupuncture treatment every day. Cupping along with acupuncture and moxibustion
is safe, and it’s very effective. We primarily use cupping for musculoskeletal
pinching. So you’ll typically have a big knot on your
back and we can actually create a vacuum inside the cup by lighting an alcohol swab and then
placing it [the cup] on the back. It actually draws up the skin and we can actually
now remove the stagnant blood that’s laying on the nerve tissue that’s creating inflammation
and pain. So we can stop the pain and swelling by cupping. Currently we are offering medical Qigong and
Qigong is basically meditation in motion. And we are going to help to relax the body
and the nervous system. We have a wonderful practitioner that teaches
that. One of the main points that I like to talk
about is the fact that we spend time with our patients. “Primary patient care.” What does that mean? It means we are actually going to listen to
somebody and generally we spend about 30 minutes on an intake for health history. We are going to figure out what’s going
on. The wellness center is proud to accept any
insurance that has acupuncture coverage. One of the main reasons why people come to
healthcare wellness center is because they need an alternative to pharmaceuticals and
we can provide that with acupuncture and massage.