Pharma is corporate healthcare and I don’t
believe that healthcare should be a for profit business. And unfortunately with pharma it
totally is. Like this bozo – that pill that AIDS patients needed and this bozo raises
the price from $12 a pill to what was it – $900 or something ridiculous. Well there you’ve
got an example of private sector coming in and making everything for profit. Always remember
that there’s a difference – and this is for the people out there for these like CEOs
like Trump that run. There’s a difference between government and a corporation. Corporations
are for profit. That is all they’re for. Turning out profit for the shareholders. Government
is to provide services and that’s a different ballgame. Providing services to being for
profit. So you cannot run them the same way. People are saying oh, run it like a private
corporation. No. Private corporations are for profit and that’s what you’re seeing
in the healthcare industry today. It’s being run for profit and I don’t think people’s
health should be run for profit. Certainly people don’t work in the industry should
earn a living. No one is denying that. But when you read about the heads of these healthcares
making what – $40 million a year – stock options to where they have so much money they
couldn’t spend it all. All at the sake of our health. Health should not be for profit.
If you’re sick in a country like ours, it’s simple. You should have the ability to go
see a doctor. Everybody in this country deserves the same
healthcare that congressmen get. How’s that. Whatever congressmen get, you and I deserve
the same thing. They should be no better or no worse than us. After all don’t they work
for us? Or aren’t the supposed to? We’re the boss. They’re the employee. All you
see on daytime television and I love it, tell your doctor about this drug. Well let me steal
from Bill Maher if I will for a moment. If you’re telling your doctor what you need
your doctor’s not a doctor, he’s a dealer. He should be telling you what you need. He’s
the doctor. So why do they do ads on TV telling you to take these drugs? And the point is
yes, they do control our entire healthcare system today. The pure Libertarian is almost
an anarchist. I’ve butted heads with them at times and they believe some of them that
there’s no role of government at all. And I’ve kind of said come on, in a civilized
society you’ve got to have some type of entity that performs fairness within society.
You’d have anarchy if you don’t have in a civil society if you don’t have some form
of control of the people. So I understand the Libertarian viewpoint enough but I’m
also a realist, you know. You’re not going to live in Utopia. That’s impossible. We’re
human beings. We make mistakes. We’re not gods. We’re humans.