Health care management is the
administrative arm of health care. Health care management professionals are so
important that hospitals, health care facilities and practices wouldn’t be
able to function without them. If you can see yourself working behind the scenes
in health care to make a difference for patients and providers then this career
track could be perfect for you. UMA’s health care management associate degree program can give you the skills and knowledge you need to break into
this exciting administrative field. When you arrive at the doctor’s office you
might not notice the flurry of activity occurring just behind the scenes but
from front desk supervisors to office managers there are often dedicated
employees working to make sure health care facilities run smoothly. While they
may not be visible to most patients these roles are typically imperative to
a positive patient experience. Our health care management degree focuses on
teaching the skills necessary to succeed as a health care management professional
and that’s great because right now healthcare careers are booming! If you
enter this program you’ll learn human resource management, medical terminology,
basic computer information systems used in health care, how to communicate in a
professional manner, how to handle payroll for a business and much more.
Once you complete your career training you’ll be qualified to work in
entry-level jobs that could lead to positions like front desk supervisor,
they usually oversee the front desk staff helped make decisions complete
operation checklists and more. Medical office specialist they are in charge of communicating with patients, scheduling patient appointments, answering phones
and more. Office supervisor they are responsible for making sure the office
staff stay on task by overseeing report filing and clerical work, running reports
and more. These positions can be found at doctors offices, hospitals, insurance
companies, outpatient clinics, public health agencies and more. Does this program sound like the right fit for you? then don’t wait any longer
join with the thousands of UMA students across the u.s. who are taking
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