I have been part of the UC Berkeley – DTU
program in healthcare innovation and the ILC program has provided me with great
value in my work. The primary value has been to raise the level of ambition
both for myself and the organization that I’m part of. We have started an
Innovation Fund with exactly the level of ambition that we learned at UC
Berkeley. I think what really brought us there was our interaction with the
professor’s, particularly at UC Berkeley, who really challenged our way of
thinking and our level of ambition and I think that was of great value, those
classroom sessions in in Berkeley. I have since moved to a new position as
director of the Innovation Center Denmark in Tel Aviv in Israel and I
work there on healthcare innovation together with Israeli and Danish
partners, where we again are implementing some of the solutions that we brought to
life at the training at DTU and at UC Berkeley in the US. And I think that is
something we’ll keep doing and keep raising the level of ambition.