I like health IT because
I believe it will improve the quality, safety,
and care that we,
as patients deserve. Because it’s
an incredible opportunity to improve patient safety
for all Americans. It has meant a major change
in my life, my professional career,
and how I can practice medicine. I like health IT
because it is what we need to help people
all across our state achieve
their full potential. Because it can help make
the care that all of our patients receive
in this country better. Because it’s transforming
the way that we provide care. I like health IT because
of the difference it can make in the quality of care
that we provide the people of our country,
in improving the overall health and wellbeing
of the American people. I like health IT because it will finally
bring innovation to a field where we desperately
need it and, best of all, it will help me play
a more active role in taking care of myself
and my family. I like health IT because
it’s going to improve the quality of care, it’s
going to expand access to care, and it’s going to make care
more affordable, not only in Maryland, but in our country.