A health coach is a practitioner of wellness that helps you restore and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We work with you to identify what matters most about your health, and together we plan and support the lifestyle changes necessary to sustain a healthy, balanced
and meaningful life. When you’re ready to commit to the time and the energy necessary to make the positive changes in your life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle it’s a practice. It’s something that’s constant, it’s
continuous improvement and refinement. Really any time is a good time to see a
health coach. You’re gonna be supported throughout this process of making healthy changes in your life that would really impact your energy, your mood, your mental, your physical, your emotional health. By working with a health coach you’ll also gain self-awareness. Gaining self-awareness, you’ll be able to really respond to yourself and what you need to maintain balance, to maintain your health and to make those healthy choices.
Really at the heart of health coaching is finding clarity about what really
matters and why you want your health. The benefit of health coaching is you’re
gonna feel better. Each coaching session is unique. The first is quite a bit longer, it’s more thorough. We really take time in the beginning
to get to know you and again at the heart understand what really matters and why you want your health. We take a closer look at the different areas that make up your whole health. We go through this tool it’s called the
personal health inventory or whole health tool. We like to call it in the wellness clinic our vitality signs to get a sense of where you’re at and then also have an understanding of where you want to be. Through the process then we find those gaps and we create a plan to bridge those gaps and to do it in small steps that are realistic for people that aren’t overwhelming and really to enjoy the process. Through this change, by making healthy choices, we know we’re going to be able to feel better and
have more energy. The session over time evolves, depending on where you’re at in the process. After the first coaching session, follow-up visits are between 30-45 minutes in length. The session really depends on where the client is at, what their needs are. They’re often done in-person, but they can be done over the phone too if that’s more convenient. There’s no magic number or perfect recipe on how long someone needs to work with the coach to see positive results. I do recommend starting with three months. I think it’s a really nice amount of time to create a plan, develop those healthy habits, creating
some healthy new routines, and then see positive change. In three months, is a good amount of time to do that. I think once you’re ready and you know you want to commit to making the change, you can call our clinic or go on the website to register there.