(instrumental music) One tip I have for new students is to focus on the possibilities and not the limitations. So really keep an open mind. Nutritional needs change for the individual over time. Diets don’t work. The idea of treating everything that I do with my health and wellness is an experiment. Nourishment comes in many forms. The most important thing to really keep in mind is bio-individuality. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and no one diet will work for everyone. It comes in wholesome foods, it comes in relationships. Being healthy is very unique to you. It comes in the things that you do and the thoughts that you think. (upbeat music) A big kind of nutrition and food concept that I love that IIN teaches is the idea of crowding out. And that will really allow for great, nutritious, beneficial foods to come into your life pretty easily. Basically focusing on what you can have rather than what you can’t have. (upbeat music) IIN is a training program for anyone who wants to help other people understand how to be more complete and well. That kind of transformed and became way more confident and way more clear about what kind of career I wanted and what kind of person I wanted to be in my life. I started to put together the food and mood connection and realize that what I eat and how I live really, really does make a difference in how I feel every day. Everything that you do is a possibility to examine how it affects you and how you can coach someone else through that experience. (upbeat music) After taking the health coach training program, I realized how contagious being healthy really is. So many people in my life benefited from me taking this course and it was really tremendous to see how many lives are changed just by you learning more about eating right and living better. When you’re in the program, there’s a lot of things that you learn and you have so many questions. It’s really an entire lifestyle transformation. If you take it step by step, you will be able to fulfill your dreams. Integrative Nutrition is a program that changes lives. (upbeat music)