Let’s move on
to our main story. The big discussion
in the U.S. is, should we let poor people die
or not? Or as Americans call it,
health care. Because Donald Trump was elected to enact his health care plan. The way to make health insurance
available to everyone is to lower the cost
of health insurance, and that is what
we are going to do. We’re gonna have great plans. They’re gonna be
much less expensive, and they’re gonna be
much better. Everybody’s got to be covered. I want to take care
of everybody. I’m not gonna cut Medicare
or Medicaid. It will be better health care, much better, for less money. Not a bad combination. Wow. Trump is healing everybody. Even Jesus is like, “Wow, those
are some bold claims, man. “I mean, I’m more of a “‘touch me and see what happens
kind of guy.’ “I might cure your leprosy
or you might turn into wine. Roll the dice, baby,
roll the dice.” So with all these promises,
Americans were looking forward to a health care plan that would
be nothing short of tremendous. And when you need something
tremendous in Washington, there’s only one man to turn to, boring Jake Gyllenhaal,
that’s who. Two weeks ago,
Paul Ryan released the official House Republican
health care plan to replace the evil
that is Obamacare. And like a new tanning salon, President Trump immediately
supported it. I’m proud to support
the replacement plan released by the
House of Representatives. I think we’re going to have
a tremendous success. It’s a complicated process, but
actually, it’s very simple. It’s called good health care. (laughter) It’s complicated
but it’s simple? He so didn’t read the bill. Come on. No, I mean, that’s exactly
how I gave my book reports when I hadn’t read it, you know? I’d be like, “This story,
Of Mice and Men,
“was so powerful, “and, like, you know, like, “the way the two species
were just… (crying) “The mice and the way– I’m sorry, Miss,
can I be excused?” (crying):
“It’s so powerful right now.” But, look, no one realistically
expects the president to read every first major bill
that he supports. Come on. Especially a president
who’s got other (bleep) to do. This man’s got to run
his golf course, people. And right now he’s also
got to run around smashing all
the White House microwaves. this poor man has to
cook his food old school because of the situation. Of course Donald Trump
didn’t read the bill– he trusted Paul Ryan to make
his promises come to life. And that’s the big question: does Paul Ryan’s health plan
deliver on Trump’s promises? Well, let’s look
at some of the major ones. Uh, for instance, Trump promised
a health care plan that would cover everybody. The CBO report with some
tough numbers for supporters of the Republican health plan. It is a bad report for the,
uh, for the Ryan bill. REPORTER:
The CBO says the GOP plan
would leave 14 million
fewer people
insured by next year.And a total
of 24 million fewer
by 2026.Aw. No, that’s-that’s so cute. The CBO thinks we’re gonna
make it to 2026. (laughs) Aw. Aw, you guys. 24 million fewer people
will be covered. And, by the way, those numbers
don’t come from haters. They come from
the notoriously nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. These are the experts
who analyze legislation and predict its impact. They have nothing to gain.
They’re just trying to help. They’re like black dudes
in the movie theaters screaming out (bleep)–
“Oh, (bleep)! He’s behind the door!
He’s behind the door!” They’re just trying to help. So Ryan’s plan definitely
won’t cover everyone. That’s one Trump promise broken. But what about Trump’s
commitment to lower premiums? REPORTER:Costs for some
low-income older Americans
would spike 750%.A 64-year-old
with a $26,000 salary
could see a huge spike
in their premiums,
from $1700 a year
under Obamacare
to nearly $15,000
under the GOP plan,
a nearly $13,000-a-year
A 64-year-old would
get a $13,000 increase? God damn. What did old people
ever do to Paul Ryan, huh? Why would he do this? Like, maybe his grandfather
gave him some black licorice once in the day,
and-and little Paul was like, “One day, Pop-Pop, “you and all your friends
will pay. “You’ll all pay. “At least $13,000 more than you were
paying before, Pop-Pop.” Now, those are
only two examples. But the more you look
into Paul Ryan’s plan the less it looks like
what Donald Trump promised. And Trump’s people
are beginning to realize that. REPORTER:The populists,
the friends of Trump
who are in his ears saying,
“Get away from Ryan.
Call it Ryancare.
Shelve this whole plan.”
-Urging him to move away
from it. -They’re concerned
that he’s jeopardizing
his presidency
by basically backing this plan.I-I like how Trump surrogates
are worried someone else is gonna ruin
Trump’s presidency. They’re like, “Trump can
destroy his own legacy, thank you very much.” And people, let’s be honest–
as soon as Trump gets the vibe that this bill
is making him look bad, you know he’s gonna ditch it. He’s gonna ditch it and he’s
gonna pin it all on Paul Ryan. And watching Ryan lately, you get the sense
that he knows this too. Obviously the major components
are staying intact, uh, because this is something
we wrote with President Trump. Really, Paul Ryan? You expect us to believe
that Donald Trump helpedyouto write legislation? The same Donald Trump
who can barely write a tweet? That Donald Trump? That guy? We all see what you’re
trying to do, Speaker Ryan. You know your Obamacare
replacement bill is crap. And now you’re trying
to throw Trump under the bus. But you don’t realize that’s
not how it works with Trump. Because Trumpisthe bus. Trump’s not going down
for his mistakes. He never has. Yeah. You’re gonna be like,
“He-he wrote this bec…” (imitates thumping) It doesn’t happen
to Donald Trump. He… The bus never…
He is the bus. Everyone tries to get Donald
Trump. Look at Rachel Maddow. She thought she had him
on his taxes. She was like, “Did you guys see
he only paid…” (imitates thumping) People are like, “Thanks
for wasting our time, Rachel.” (imitates engine revving) I mean, even people who are just near a Trump mistake
are run over. Remember the
pussy-grabbing tape. Billy Bush–
he didn’t even say much. He was just like,
“Yeah, yeah. (giggles) Yeah.” And now he’s banished
from society. Trump was like,
“pussy grabbing.” Billy was like, “What…”
(imitates thumping) Now he’s living on an ice floe
fighting polar bears and fighting for scraps of fish. Donald Trumpisthe bus,
so, Paul Ryan… I hope you’ve got
good health care. ‘Cause that bus is coming.