We have a small practice
here of two doctors, 4,100 patients. And even
before the Health Care Homes had started, we had
been working as a team. Some patients are hesitant
because they’re so clingy to me. “What if I want to see you?” I say, “I’m here all the time.” I always tell the patient
the team is there for her but I’m always there for them as well if they need to see me. If you just want a script,
you can just ring up or come and pick it up
and tell the receptionist or the nurse. So for those things that are not urgent, then the nurses or the pharmacist or the receptionist can help them. With the Health Care Homes,
the roles of the nurses and the receptionists have expanded. A lot of my work is being
done by the other staff in the practice. And it works very well. I felt that being involved
in Health Care Home, I am now becoming more
independent as a nurse, patients are more trusting me, it pushes me to be a better nurse, to research more. Usually when they come in,
the receptionist already knows who are the Health Care Homes. And say, “Oh, you’re a
Health Care Home patient? How can I help you?” The patient doesn’t have
to queue for a long time just to get a script or do a blood test. I think that’s a main benefit in this area and they also get the added
benefit of being followed up by phone or they can
talk to me over the phone without coming here. The nurses and the pharmacists
usually ring the patient once a month to ask them,
“Do you need anything, do you want a script, or are
you due for a blood test?” And also, “How come you haven’t
done your specialist review or anything?” So, if the patient is
used to the team approach, it’s so easy to enroll them.