a healthy lifestyle has always been
important to me but it’s actually the reason that I’m here today when I got
into my accident motorcycle accident hit a guardrail I broke my right femur in
two places which severed my femoral artery so I was bleeding to death
normally you bleed out within they say like 10 to 15 minutes but I had just
done a fitness competition and I was probably in the best shape of my life
and my heart was strong and so I was able to live 23 minutes until I got to
the hospital let me take you back to who I was before my accident I was a fitness
model I had some of the best in the industry using like you have the body
type to be on the cover of Oxygen magazine you can win these competitions
so I competed in 2011 right before my accident and you know I stepped on stage
with this tanned glowing skin you know two muscular legs yet I had no
confidence I was so concerned about how others viewed me and then I competed
again in 2014 covered in scars missing a leg and I did it with complete love for
myself caring not at all caring less about how others viewed me I
just did it for myself a part of Paralympic sport it has
enabled me to get back on my snowboard and to do these things and I’m in the
gym five days a week but outside of that I’m very active and that’s because I I
can be active we all have something that we struggle with we all have something
that we wish we could change we just need to embrace who we are