well being healthy means a lot for me I
think it’s an especially important for somebody living with a disability to
live a healthy active lifestyle and the reason for that if you just think about
the day-to-day living on two artificial legs for me somebody else might be in a
wheelchair but it seems to me like if you’re in shape and if you’re a strong
fit human being your life is gonna be a lot easier to get around and move that
wheelchair and walk on prosthetic legs getting involved in Paralympic sport has
been everything for me with being healthy especially playing a team sport
knowing that I have teammates that rely on me to be good and knowing that that
we rely on each other to be successful win gold medals you owe it to the guys
in the room and you owe it to the people around you to wake up and be active and
commit like they are I don’t have to look very far for motivation I’m
surrounded by my amazing people who have been through adversity and overcome it
and come through the other side a better person
you can learn perseverance and courage and all these things and and and I think
that’s that’s kind of what being an athlete is about is taking all these
things that you don’t know if you have and challenging yourself and then at the
end of the day you get to look in the mirror and really find out if you
accomplish what you want to do and if you’re really the person you thought you
were so for me I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and do in the future
you know I want to have kids I want to play golf with my kids when I’m 70
years old and I can’t do that if I let myself go and can’t stand on my
prosthetic legs anymore there’s so many benefits to being
healthy and living that lifestyle and even more so if you’re somebody that’s
living with with a disability