ANNOUNCER: Alana Ramsey of Canada 19 years of age and first major competition. ALANA: I love skiing
I’ve never had the freedom anywhere else that I have on the skis going around
those gates getting a podium for the first time in my rookie race it was
amazing like it was walking on the cloud I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was
12 so that to me it was really heart wrenching it made me depressed it made
me anxious it made me very stressed but as soon as I started to accept who I was
all those things started to fall and leave my body mental health is very
important to me especially having those struggles in the past so when I had the
opportunity to work on my mental health this year I really stepped up and took
it and it really helped up in my skiing. Sport to me improved
my health and well-being it was a physiotherapy exercise when I was
started at the age of six and it has moved forward into that it is my
lifestyle it it is the way I get active every single day it is the way that I go
up and I smile and I enjoy of my life and it is the way that I live I love
skiing I’ve been putting my heart and soul into it every chance I get
if you can find something my you’re absolutely in love with it’s worth it