welcome to symmetry thank you for taking
the time to watch this short video on health and wellness jobs in the next few minutes we’re going to
introduce you to our company our products an hour easy home-based making money online opportunity This no hype no pressure just awesome
products and a simple business model that pays you for sharing the story of
our products simple right great let’s get started at symmetry I’ve been able to make in one
month seven times likes me working in
retirement the income that you can earn and symmetry is absolutely phenomenal my
favorite thing about the businesses people meeting brainy people every
single day building relationships that met my best friends is business comments it’s an incredible
opportunity the bottom lines AP the work that’s exciting with a proven products like simply fit he puts that millions of dollars on
advertising now traditional marketing my TV and radio
but we decided to do something different we decided to paid people for having
parties we call it growing up bit and anyone
from the US it simple just invite a few friends over sample
the product and watch the DVD no sales pitch no pressure just fun vice president sales
Brian leave their house you know a lot of people again business
like this take a look at his like it not not a salesperson and that you know reality Mr industries most people are
not sale most successful people our industry symmetry are people to
share their success stories about it you get
out there good storyteller you can be incredibly
successful this is different it’s not a job or a
traditional business you get to choose to get a health and wellness job toronto its flexible and simple no special
training no overhead no employees no time hot it’s completely flexible it’s the business that is both flexible
and fun and one with no limits on your neither
we help people make a few hundred a few thousand even a few hundred
thousand it’s completely up to you and it’s all
backed by a company with over 17 years experience %uh real track record real science and
the real leadership chairman of the board mister really
really bad this isn’t like being in a traditional
business we have to worry about inventories and shipping in Poland and
employees money that’s necessary all you have to do is have the desire
the willingness to go share these products and help people to get a product line that works a company that
is solid and in opportunity that is %um even
global look the world is getting smaller
everybody knows somebody somewhere and with symmetry seamless compensation
plan you sign up somebody in the Philippines literal somebody in
Dubai them or somebody in Trinidad way and it check shows up at your door
in US dollars time perfect because where the economy
because were symmetry that because you put those
things together and it’s like perfect storm when you
have all the right elements yet the Roberto your back best part
ministry the world yup Fast Company real-world without fee
structure in your ability to get paid on helping
other people more helping I’m for look this is a real business with real
money real fast impact we can show you how to
make a few hundred to a few thousand your first month we can show you how to
get our awesome carbon to pay for the car
you dream we can show you how to get a free
all-expenses-paid piece into places like the Caribbean
Asia Europe Australia or means the world we can eat
show you how to be completely financially free and that’s what I liked about some idle filed give you a chance actually like
live the life you’ve already poisoned because the flexibility of the
business you can really take it where go I recommends Buy the sweet spot stop you’re thinking about it now think about
what the pop pitied first with the rest there’s no back man we’ve been around
for years we’re gonna be around a lot more they’ve
got the scientific not I they’ve got packing behind research not within our
product line and the opportunity cell what’s next simple first no matter what make a
commitment to get on these awesome products for the next seven days feel the difference and evil results the
meeting products guarantee then tell the person
who share this with you that you are willing to invite a few friends over it really is that easy you can make the
shake for example in Genesis and press play on
the DVD your ready up love everyone here wants
to lose weight yarns an extra money in fact most people want to do bold just
have to ask and then well get ready you’ll be
feeling great looking great and thinking for yourself
how simple it really is and welcome to symmetry for the best health and wellness jobs