For much of our human history we have
been in a state of survival when it came to what we ate and how much we ate.
Basically humans ate whatever was palatable and available at any given
time and oftentimes this would lead to eating things that are not optimal for
the human body and going through various periods of scarcity and famine. But today
times have changed for many of us around the world. We have the opportunity to not
just survive but learn how to thrive, and learn how to thrive using our food as
one of our greatest allies in creating our own health and well-being. But in
order to do that in today’s society we need to get past some of the challenges
that we face in our modern world; mainly many of the trendy foods that are
marketed to us, so many of the fad diets, as well as seeing our food as simply a
collection of nutrients, and worse yet isolated nutrients. When we come back to
seeing our food in a holistic manner we start to seize its true potential. This
is why for nearly the past 20 years I have been dedicated to researching what
it takes to optimally nourish our body for optimal physical as well as mental,
emotional, social, and spiritual health. My teaching work, my holistic nutrition work,
as well as my writing work has brought me to putting together a book entitled
“Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition – A holistic approach to eating and living
for optimal health, weight, and wellness.” I released the first edition of this book
in 2011 as a way to help people make sense of what it takes to truly feed and
nourish and heal a human body. In 2014 I released the second edition of this book
in a greatly expanded form that included so much more beyond food. And it is my
pleasure to share with you that in the summer of 2018 I released the third
edition of “Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition,” which has since gotten even more updates and upgrades to make it as usable and enjoyable for you,
and most importantly valuable for your journey of optimizing your health
through nutrition. Everything from the second edition that readers have come to
love is also included in this third edition. The first part which is going to
help you understand why whole foods and plant foods make the ideal foundation
for the human body. I also help you understand the acid-alkaline balance and
its importance. In this section you will also learn why an emphasis on raw foods,
as well as organic foods is important. In the second part, I help you get more
practical by knowing exactly what foods to focus your diet on. And no worries,
wherever you are, I help you take the next step. And so, each chapter closes off
by including so many practical tips to help you know how to optimize your food
choices in your diet wherever you may be on this journey. After all, it is a
journey, and there is no point of perfection. As you change, as the seasons change, as your lifestyle needs change, we need to adapt. But what stays constant
and consistent is the right foundation, and that’s what this book helps you
accomplish. Finally, as we move through that second section, I bring you to meal
templates. Rather than recipes, I help you know how to work with the right foods
given whatever ingredients you may have on hand, in easy, quick, and practical ways. Then I take you to the last part of the book, this being part 3, entitled “Beyond
Food.” You will get to know a little more about supplements, and how to make wise choices here, where you trust your food first, before you trust anything that
comes in a pill or a bottle. You will also learn how to make sense of all the
fuss about the different numbers in our society that are often shared when it
comes to the different nutrients, like carbohydrates, fats, and protein. In this
section, I also help you set up your kitchen in the best way for healthy
eating, as well as teach you what it takes to create a truly holistic and
healthy lifestyle. Finally, in the last chapter I take you into the mind-body
connection, for no matter how powerful our food can be, what ultimately dictates
your state of health and well-being is the state of your mental
and emotional health. And so I help you understand the mind-body connection for
greatest empowerment in creating your own health and well-being. In writing
this book my intention has been to help you bring common sense back to the act
of eating, of what truly healthy eating is, and how easy, delicious, enjoyable, and
economical it can be. I wrote this book for you if you are interested in
empowering yourself and taking accountability and responsibility for
your eating choices, as well as for your health. So if you’re ready to create a
lasting foundation of healthy eating, as well as to perhaps heal or prevent any
conditions that you may be concerned about, I invite you to learn more about
“Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition,” and whether you would like a physical
copy or a digital copy, you can easily find my book “Healing & Prevention
Through Nutrition” on all global Amazon sites in the paperback and Kindle format,
as well as in the digital format on Apple iBooks, as well as Google Books and Kobo. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about this resource. I
hope it serves as a valuable tool on your journey of optimal health and