I’d like to share a bit about what we do in this place, mainly about the importance of the diet. Many people are scared to follow the diet. They ignore that when we have to take medicine, our bodies enter a very sensitive stage where possibilities are open and we are able to heal lots of things. However, for these possibilities to be have an effect, we have to prepare our body to take the medicine. They cannot be taken, especially ayahuasca, and other plants that are sacred, by a body that is sick because it is intoxicated, that’s what I mean. Perhaps it is not clean. So, before taking the sacred plants, we always have to follow a diet, as well as during the process of the ceremonies. This diet consists of eliminating all the flavors: salt, sugar, condiments, either natural or artificial. When the body gets into a process like this, it can’t have these kinds of elements in its blood because the flavor or the smell produces a transformation in us that is not positive for working with the plants. It also generates a distraction inside us. Our mind focuses too much on the flavors when we take something sweet, something salty… Our mind gets distracted from the work and the process. For this reason, when we do the retreat and we take the plants, we get into a diet work. During the diet we erase all the flavors I mentioned before and we eat food like quinoa, wheat, oats. We nourish our bodies with all of these 3 cereals, that contain enough nutrients we need for the time of the retreat, and the energy we need to heal and cure ourselves. They are served with no sugar or salt, they are simply boiled and served. It is important that a person starts the diet and work with this kind of food. After 2 or 3 days, people start to feel very deep transformations. For instance, we start to awake sensitivities in our body, sensitivities that are usually blocked because of the daily nourishment we have, as we eat a lot of salty food, or with many condiments and different tastes and extracts that are artificial. These kinds of flavors are blocking our sensitivity. That’s why, when we take medicine and do the diet, we begin to clean ourselves from those flavors, those distractions, and what happens inside us is that, our mind, our soul, our spirit, our heart, begins to focus in the healing process. This focus doesn’t exist if one has flavors and smells inside. It doesn’t work that way. When we start doing the diet, the body gets ready to heal itself. When the body is ready, we begin to give you the plants. Apart from ayahuasca, we work with other local plants in this center: we have the oje, we have uña de gato, the sangre de grado. For example, in this case, these 3 plants help us detoxify and cleanse the body. They help us clean the body from illnesses that we could have. Normally, we suffer from a lot of illnesses, as a result of the lifestyle we have in the cities. Or we suffer from other hereditary illnesses, some can be autoimmune. We are talking of cancer presence, that we all have in a certain percentage. Rheumatic illnesses for instance, allergies, and some people have other physical problems. When our body is in that opening stage and we start taking this kind of plants, these plants begin to work and to clean our bodies leading to a deep healing. But this doesn’t happen, as for instance, when the people in the city take mate all the time, or they prepare other kinds of plants and they try all of them. Many times mates don’t work, plants don’t work, a lot of people say “natural medicine doesn’t cure me, plants don’t heal me”. Usually, we go to the pharmacy, to that medication. Because obviously, the plants aren’t working if one doesn’t prepare their body for receiving the plants. And this is a big mistake that we all make when we work with traditional medicine; we don’t prepare our bodies for the healing. That’s why it is so important during the days of the retreat, to do that diet. As we follow the diet, when we take the plants, the plants start working 100% in our organism. Even physically, a person usually feels weakness, that is so normal, because the illness of our body is starting to get clean, to sweat intense odors, because the illness gets out as a result of a correct process. Likewise, there are other healer plants that we use, for example the atalaya pura, is a plant that works in the emotional part; for people who have depression or emotional illnesses. These plants cannot work if the body has distractions inside. We begin to work with these kinds of plants, for instance, and people become more sensitive and all the pity in their heart, that can be caused by traumas or bad things along their lives, start to heal… start to arise. But this wouldn’t happen, as I said, if you have tastes inside your body, a body that is dirty. For this reason, the diet process is very important, nobody has died because of this diet. Quinoa is a food with very much nutrients, as well as oats and wheat. It is a short process and we will be able to heal ourselves. I wanted to make a short introduction for the people who come to this retreat, the importance of cutting off these kinds of flavors, this food and go into this diet in order to be able to work in a deep way with the madre ayahuasca. Doing this diet, we would feel a very deep connection and cleanliness through these plants. When we take ayahuasca in this way, the ayahuasca makes a deeper relation with us, much deeper. The healing and the places where ayahuasca can get inside us, being that open, are obviously deep and we have, actually, a much more rewarding transformation for us and for the patients. That’s why I wanted to share the importance of the diet.