– Happy Wellness Wednesday my friends. It is so good to see you, welcome back. How have you been? Where are you tuning in from? I have missed you, it has been too long. Seven days to be exact. Anyway, I am so excited
to connect with you today because I have a very timely topic and it’s a topic that I
actually really needed because I’ve been having a crappy morning. So I thought I would come on and teach you what I do when I want
to turn the beat around. So if you are having a
bad day, you do not want to miss this Wellness
Wednesday because this is what you can do reduce your
anxiety, to reduce your stress, to deal with any anger or
whatever else is going on for you. Sadness, you’re feeling
overwhelmed, whatever it is. So anyway like I said hey guys, some of you are coming on now. Hi Teresa good to see you. Hi Lisa, hi honey, hey Linda, hi Susan, hi guys, so good. So the reason why I’m
doing this is because I just woke up on the wrong
side of the bed today. Maybe even on the wrong
side of the universe. I was feeling overwhelmed,
there’s a lot going on and I was just feeling super moody. And I was noticing that I
was snapping at my husband. I was just doing an Instagram
live talking about this and I said I felt like some
sort of like angry alligator who was just coming
out and rarr rarr rarr. And you know what, nobody
likes to be around that energy. I don’t like to be around that energy. I don’t want to live in that energy. And we talk about energy so
much on Wellness Wednesday because energy is a big part
of creating vibrant health. And so to me it feels like
when I’m in a negative pissy ass mood, it
feels like I’m literally marinating in a dirty
diaper on the inside. Now I have never had
children but I can imagine. I can imagine thinking
back to when I was a kid. You don’t want to marinate
in a dirty diaper. And you certainly don’t want to marinate in a dirty energetic diaper on the inside. So again, in full disclosure,
that’s why I was inspired to do this because I want
to show you what I did. First and foremost, many of you have my Crazy Sexy Love Notes Deck. Hello, and I pulled a card and the card that I pulled was this. Breathe deeply, I hope that
you can see that easily and it’s not turned around. So breathe deeply and I
thought thank you universe. Thank you Kris, thank you
because that’s exactly what I needed to do. And so what I’m going
to teach you is called four, seven, eight breath work. This is a very simple
exercise, it’s yogic breathing. I actually learned it
from Dr. Andrew Weil. And we’re going to do a couple rounds and then I hope you’ll do it on your own whenever you need it again. This takes maybe a minute and a half. If you did it multiple
rounds, maybe two minutes. And the benefits that you’ll
experience are off the charts. Again, helps with stress
reduction, helps with anxiety. Helps when you’re just having a bad day. It actually helps reduce
your blood pressure. It helps with your digestion. Many people use this when they
have trouble falling asleep. This is a great one that’ll just ooooo rock you off to sleep in a lovely way. So are you guys ready? Want to give it a try? Let’s do this, even if you’re
not having a cranky, crabby day like me, this is
still so good for you. Okay so let me tell you the directions and then we’ll do it together. So you’re going to inhale
though your nose for four counts and then you’re going to
hold it for seven counts. And then you’re going to
exhale through your mouth for eight counts okay? Okay so again four counts
in through your nose, holding for seven and
then exhaling for eight through your mouth. And you’re going to start by just exhaling all of the air out like (exhaling) and you want to sit up nice and straight and you want to breathe with your belly. Not up here but down in your belly. That’s where you want to get a good yummy nourishing breath okay? So let’s give this a try. Ready, so inhale through
your nose four counts. One, two, three four, hold seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Exhale through your mouth eight. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. Excellent let’s do it again, you ready? Inhale one, two, three four. Hold seven, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. Exhale through your mouth and one, two, three, four, five, fix, seven, eight. Ahhh, find a nice comfortable breath. Let it come back to normal. (deep breathing) I hope that felt good for you. And you can do this again multiple times. I actually was listening to Dr. Weil say about four times is ideal
when you’re starting out and that’s mostly because
it’s easy to get lightheaded. And also if you’re not
used to this breath work. On my Instagram Live someone would say oh yeah you know my heart
started to race a little. So you might want to just take it slow, do it two, three, four times
and then give it a break. And then you can do it multiple
times throughout the day. Like multiple sessions
and for some people, holding their breath
can create some anxiety. So if that’s too long for
you, the seven counts, hold for four. So what I usually teach to start
off is four, four and four. And then you can build up from there. The point is to just give it a try. Let me just check in real
quick, see how you’re doing. Hey Ray, hi Amy. Aww Amy said she looks
forward to this every week. So do I. Lisa is at work and she’s
having some anxiety today. Like many of us, Lisa you are not alone. I hope you enjoyed that breath work and that you gave it a try. Laura says hi from Texas, hey girl. Hey Michelle, hi Dawn, hi honey. So many CSY people, I
love seeing you guys. Hi, hello, hello, hello, okay awesome. Jean says I love that breathing technique, Calm app has been helping me. I love the Calm app,
that’s a good one too. So is Insight Timer and
Headspace, so great. Okay awesome you guys. I just love that you’re all so into it and you’re participating and we’re just having an awesome day. So another thing I
wanted to share with you which I forgot to say at
the top of this is I have a little gift for you because I like to give you guys gifts. So I want you to go ahead
and download my free Instant Stress Reduction Meditation. That’s for you, it’s for free. Give it a shot, it’s a good one. Super easy, similar to this. And you’re going to go to
kriscarr.com/stressreduction. You can also check out the
link in the pinned post at the top of this. I think it’s there, yep. Krisscarr.com/stressreduction,
it’s actually in the pinned comment
at the top in this post. So give that a go, it’s
so good, it’s so easy. And these are the tools that
we need to feel better, right? So I also want to check in with you guys because last week many of you remembered. We did some self care accountability. Hello hello here we are,
we got to check back in. I was sharing that I had forgotten
to make up my appointment to go get my CAT scan. I go see my oncologist
every two years over at Dana-Farber in Boston. And I had made some plans
at the top of the year to go get that done but I totally forgot. And last week I was sharing
that when I realized that, I got a little anxious and
I looked at my calendar and the first words that
came out of my mouth were I don’t have time, I’m way too busy. And then I thought about
my friend Louise Hay and what she would say to me which is, “Kris, that is an affirmation. “You have time for your life,
don’t send that message. “You have time for your life,
you have time for your safety. “You have time for your well-being. “Make that time girl,
that’s all that matters.” And so I came on last week
and I called myself out because I knew that many
of you probably relate to this topic too and
many of you out there maybe have an appointment
that you need to make. Whether it’s with your oncologist or maybe it’s with your heart doctor. Or maybe you’ve got to get
your cholesterol checked or you need to go to your gynecologist. Or maybe you’ve got
some moles you should go and have looked at, going
to your dermatologist. Whoever your people are. We all have to take care of ourselves. We all have to check
underneath the hood sometimes. Make sure everything’s going okay. And so last week I put out this message that we’re all in this together. I’m doing my part, you guys go ahead and make your appointment. And so I’m going to update you and then I want to see who’s
made their appointments. Or if this is a new topic
for you, then I want to encourage you to get it done. Say I’m in in the comments, say I’m going to hold myself accountable,
thank you for motivating me. Whatever it is but like
this is our time together. So we’ve got to support each
other and motivate each other. So anyway, I have gotten close
to making the appointment. I’ve been e-mailing back and
forth with my doctors nurse and assistant and so we’re
looking at our schedules. We are going to make it happen. I’m hoping that by next
week it will be done and in the books but
I’m just super psyched that so many of you e-mailed
me and said how is it going? Have you made the appointment? Or you’ve been DM-ing me
or you’ve been leaving little loves notes in
the comments at Facebook. So thank you so so much
and also so many of you have either done all
that e-mailing, DM-ing, leaving me comments saying
that you were encouraged and motivated to make appointments. So good on you. And again if you’re new to this
topic, go ahead get it done. Come back, let us know,
let me know next Wednesday. You can let me know in the comments below in this weeks Wellness Wednesday. Let me check in with
you guys before we wrap. Hello, hello, hi Kristen, hi Cathy. Yes that’s right Cathy asks
if I could quickly repeat four, seven, eight breath work. Okay so what it is is four
counts in through your nose. One, two, three, four, and
then you hold for seven. And then it’s eight through your mouth. Okay so inhaling through
the nose, holding and then. (exhaling loudly) There you go, I hope that helps. Kris says she loves
the recipes on my page. Thank you I’m so happy that you like that. Hey Jen Grass, hey
Christopher, oh wonderful. Oh Heather says had my CAT
scan yesterday and all clear. (clapping)
Yay, everybody send so much love to Heather, we love you Heather. That’s such wonderful news. We’re so so so happy for
you, that’s so great. Thank you for sharing that. Christine says I did not do my homework. That’s okay Christine,
you have another chance to do it this week and I’ll
check in with you next week. Marie says I love a week when
I don’t have an appointment. Girl, I hear you. Amy, yes close mouth and
inhale, exhale, oh yep. Amy suggests that we also
keep the tip of our tongue behind the front teeth. That is also a wonderful
tip, thank you Amy, mmm-hmm. Okay so more of you just committing to making those appointments. I’m so proud of you, that’s so wonderful. Oh Lisa says I made my
appointment, pain in the ass but I did it, yeah girl. It’s true, it is a pain
in the ass but you got to get it done. Sometimes we have to do
things we don’t want to do. Dawn asks how Tara is. You guy she had her first
hydrotherapy session and she is getting stronger by the day. I have to bring her on
so you can meet her. She is doing so well and her
personality is just coming out. I am so excited to hear how the vet and all the technicians
over at our vet’s office. They’re just going literally
this dog was never like this. It’s the same vet she used to go to with her previous mom. And personality exploding,
her health is doing great. She’s very very funny. She’s very funny and she’s
actually bullying Lola. And Lola’s a pit bull and Tara
this little three legged pup is like I got things to say. So the dynamics are changing
around here you guys. So there’s the update there. I love you, I hope you
have an amazing week. I hope this that this breath work helped. Again you can do it anytime. And go ahead and check
out that free meditation that I have for you. The link is in the pinned
comment in this post. Take it for a spin and until next time, have a wonderful week. Muah, you’re precious and magnificent. I’ll see you soon.