– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where it’s not about the pose, and you don’t have to be perfect. Hi, I’m Lesley Fightmaster. Today’s practice is 45 minute Hatha yoga to magically feel your best. Today you’ll really strengthen and stretch your glutes and your hips. If you believe this yoga video helps make the world a better place, then share it with a friend, because even doing something simple, can have a huge impact. Ground down through your sitting bones, lengthen up through
your spine and breathe. You can always touch your
fingertips to the earth for more grounding. Otherwise, hands in front of your hearts. May you be an observer of your practice rather than a critic. Be kind and compassionate to yourself. Your compassionate kindness
will naturally radiate out to everyone you meet,
transmitting joy and healing. Now release your hands
and roll yourself forward onto your hands and knees,
wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Spread your fingers, as you
inhale bring your chest forward. Lift your chin, lift your tailbone up. On your exhale, round your back, press away from the earth, pull your ribs and belly in strongly. Again inhale, bring your heart forward through the gates of your arms and exhale, rounding the
back, chin to our chest, lift the pelvic floor. Inhale, widen the collar bones, lift your chin and tailbone up. As you exhale, round your back, pull the ribs and belly in
and press away from the earth. Once again inhale, widen
the collarbones looking up. Exhale, tuck the tailbone,
chin to our chest. Inhale, come to neutral,
and tuck your toes under, sitting back on the heels. If this becomes too intense at any time, please come off your heels. As you inhale, circle the
arms out around and upwards, the belly in. As you exhale, bring
your right hand to earth and reach your left arm
over in line with your ear. Stretch the whole left side. Look up if it’s okay with your neck. Inhale center. Exhale, left hand down reaching
over toward the left side stretching the right. Look up if it’s okay with your neck. And inhale, make your
way up through center. Come back table off of those heels. Thank goodness, right? Come on to the tops of your feet. It’s a really great way to get the energy moving in the body by
tucking those toes under. Now wrists under shoulders,
knees under hips, right leg lifts up, point the
those down, left arm forward. Stretch through the arm and the leg. Keep your ribs and belly pulled in. Drop the outer right hip. Take an inhale. Exhale slowly, bring your
elbow and knee down the center. Move slowly, inhale to extend. Drop that outer right hip. As you exhale again slowly,
like you’re moving through water bring it to center, let
your upper back round. Inhale, reach, drop the outer right hip. Keep the ribs and belly pulled in. Exhale, round the back, pull
ribs and belly in even more. Inhale to reach out, extend and hold a moment and then release it. Take a breath. We’ll do the other side. Spread those fingers, press
into the base of the fingers. Extend the left leg back. Lift it up, toes point straight down. Right arm reaching forward,
drop the outer left hips. Your hips are level. Breathe here. Relax your shoulders and jaw. Take a big inhale. As you exhale, you’ll
slowly, like you’re moving through water, bring the
elbow and knee to center. Inhale again, slowly extend. Drop the outer left hip. Exhale, make your own resistance. Draw it toward the center,
press away from the floor. Inhale, reach, lift the low belly and the pelvic floor muscles extend. Exhale, keep those muscles
engaged slowly to center. Inhale and reach, extend. Exhale, release back into table. This time with your toes not tucked under, on the tops of the feet,
sit back onto the heels. Bring your hands behind your fingertips, facing forward or out to the sides. Widen the chest. See if you an lift your
buns off of your heels and maybe allow your head to go back. Pull your belly in and
lift your hip points toward your lower ribs,
lengthening but to backs of knees. Set it on back down. Come back to table. And then this time walk your hands about a hand print forward. Pull the ribs in, shift your hips forward, keep the belly muscles
and pelvic floor engaged, elbows bend, come to the
floor, all in one piece. Now lengthen your butt towards
the backs of your knees. Pull your belly in. Inhale, lift everything
up Salabhasana locust. Now open the legs next, inhale. Exhale slowly squeeze ’em shut. Inhale, take ’em apart. We’re really working
those outer hip muscles. Exhale, squeeze them together. Keep the belly lifted. Inhale, take the legs apart,
rolling the shoulders back. Exhale, squeeze. Again, use your own resistance. Last one, inhale apart. And exhale, bring the feet together. Relax a moment and let your
forehead come down over one ear. So as you’re moving through
these next few rounds, be sure to pull your belly
in, lengthen to butt heels and inner thighs lift toward the ceiling. Now reach your arms forward, palms facing each other to begin. But then as you lift everything up, palms face the floor. Exhale, bend your elbows open your chest. Inhale, reach forward. Exhale, again use your own resistance. Bend the elbows pull back. Inhale to reach, remember
butt toward heels. Exhale, pull the elbows back. Inner thighs lifting toward the ceiling. Inhale, reach with the arms. Exhale, pull it back, open
your chest and then rest. Good work. We’re gonna do one more round. This time we’ll put the
arms and the legs together. I know it’s not so easy,
but oh my goodness, you are getting so strong. Do what you can. Push pause and rest as needed. So lengthen butt to
heels, pull your belly in, press the pubic bone down and then inhale, lift everything up. Palms face the floor. Exhale, pull the elbows
back, open the legs. Inhale, squeeze the legs together. Reach the arms forward. Exhale, pull back open the legs. Inhale, squeeze and reach. Try to keep those inner thighs lifting up. Exhale, pull and open. Inhale, squeeze the legs, reach the arms. Imagine you have a towel between the legs. Exhale, pull the arms back, open the legs. Imagine the towel is
still there nice and wide and you’re holding it. Inhale, reach. Exhale, relax. Very, very good work. I hope you’re being kind and
compassionate to yourself. It’s so important. Now press down to come
up into a modified plank and then walk your knees forward so they’re underneath your hips again. Pull ribs and belly in. Ribs under shoulders, knees under hips. Now extend your right leg out to the right like you’re a dog on a fire hydrant. You can keep the knee bent or
straightened, it’s up to you. Left arm out to the left. I know it’s a little crazy. See if you can hold here. Pull your ribs and belly
in, lift your pelvic floor. Those will support you and please breathe. Set it all back to down
to center, very nice. Take a breath. Left leg out, dog at a fire hydrant. You can keep the leg bent
or straighten the leg. Right arm out to the right. Is it easy to balance here? No it is not easy, so pull
your ribs and belly in, lift the pelvic floor and do your best. Don’t worry about what happens, just the best you can do. That is great. Release back to table. Sit back on the heels again. Bring your hands behind you, fingertips facing front
or out to the side, especially if you have wrist issues. Lift your butt again off of your heels. Let your head go back if
your neck’s good with that. Lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees. You can stay with that or
you could always come down onto your forearms and
then lift again if you can. Let your head go back, pull your belly in. Tilt your frontal hip points up. Come on back up. Make your way to table. Walk your hands in front of the shoulders about a hand print, tuck the toes, stretch into down dog. Now walk your feet about
as wide as your mat and bend your knees as much as
you like as you stretch back. Keep them bends or you can
start to straighten the legs. If the legs do straighten, make
sure to firm those muscles. Spread your fingers, press
into the base of the fingers. Turn your outer upper
arms back, the triceps, your inner upper arms spin
forward and let your head hang, arms and ears in line. Can always move your
neck nodding yes and no. Stretching, breathing. And then from here walk
your feet to hips width, bend the knees and take a
little stroll, feet to hands. Then inhale, hands to
shin, lengthen your spine. And as you exhale, fold
forward, bend your knees. Let your head hang. Inhale, sweep your arms
out, around, and up. Come up with a nice flat back. Look up, lengthen, ribs
and belly in, exhale. Hands to heart. We’re gonna work with the
shoulders a little bit here. So feet together, big toes
touching, heels apart, or feet hip socket distance
apart, toes in a little. Firm the legs, pull the belly in, inhale, sweep the arms
out, around, and up. Return the palms to face
the back of your mat, bend your elbows and try
to touch your shoulders with your elbows pointed straight up and spinning the triceps
in towards your face. Keep your ribs in. Reach up, exhale, arms to the side. Inhale, palms are up,
bring ’em in front of you. Now palms touch, exhale, hands to heart. Release the arms down, we’ll do it again. Sweep the arms, inhale,
out, around and up. Gently look up if you can,
but keep your ribs in. Exhale, palms face the back. Bend the elbows. Point the elbows up as
you spin your triceps in towards your face. Lengthen butt to heels, pull belly in. Inhale, reach the arms
up, exhale, palms are up as you take them out to the sides and then turn the palms down. Or are they up? Either way is great. Now they’re up, they were down. Inhale, palms are up as
you bring them forward. Relax shoulders. Hands to heart. Draw all that nice energy in, nice. Now again, inhale to sweep the arms up. As you exhale, hinge
from those hip creases. Come forward with a long spine. Bend the knees as much as you need. Inhale, lengthen halfway up,
shoulders towards the waist. Bend your knees, plant your palms, step your right foot way back. Take your right knee down. Pad up your right knee
if it needs any padding. If it hurts, pad it up. Come on up, pull the right hip back. Reach up through the arms. Try to keep your front ribs drawing in toward the body and down
and lengthen butt to heels, best you can. Reach through, arrow straight arms, left knee over ankle. Exhale, bring the hands down. Step to plank, top of a push up. Your knees here can stay up or down. This is totally up to you. Shift shoulders about an inch forward, hug elbows in lower, slowly to the mat. Hands by low ribs here. Inhale, peel the chest up. Lift belly, lengthen butt to heels. Now lift your hands and
see if you can stay up. Press all 10 ten toenails
down into the floor. Breathe, feeling those
muscles in the back work. Release, tuck the toes under. Knees can be up or down
as you press to plank. And then exhale, lift back, downward dog. Stretch back here just a moment and then lift the right leg up. Instead of letting the hip open today, drop the outer hip down,
so the hips are level. Look forward, step it up
lightly by the right hand. If it doesn’t make it,
pick it up and put it. Left knee to the ground. Reach up through the arms. Pull the ribs and belly
in as you sink forward, pulling your right hip back. Arrow straight arms. Relax around your neck as you breathe. Feel this open energy through the spine. Releasing hands down. Now step your back foot all the
way to the front of the mat. Inhale, lengthen the spine, look up. Fold forward as you exhale, straightening the legs
if you can, no pressure. Inhale, lift up, nice long spine. Look up, lengthen. Exhale, hands to heart center, Samasthiti, means steady balance. You’ve got it. Inhale again, sweep your arms up. Exhale, hinge from your hip creases and fold over your legs. Let your head hang. Hips over heel if legs are straight. Inhale, lengthen, fingertips to floor or hands to shins. Bend the knees, stepping
the left foot back and take your left knee down. Right knee is over the ankle. Sweep your arms, inhale,
pulling your right hip back. Pull the ribs and belly in. Now take your arms down with
your left hand to the floor. Pull the right hip back, looking right, stretch left arm up, a little twist. Reaching up through that arm, relaxing through the shoulders, turn your ribcage toward the sides. The movement from the ribcage,
is sweeping the arm down. Now move your right foot
to the right a little. Take the hand on the inside. Pull the chest forward. So both hands inside the right foot. You can stay right here. You can keep your left hand on the floor in a moment for the twist, or you could try left forearm
to the floor or a block, and reach right arm up. Option to bend the back
knee and reach for the foot. It is only an option. So stretching out and twisting in a way that makes sense for you. Make sure to keep you knee in
line with your middle toes. If the knee goes out to
the side, turn the foot. Release that, come on to the hands. Step back into plank pose. Knees can be up or down
as you shift forward and very slowly, slowly, all in one piece come on to your belly. Slide your hands by your lower ribs. Inhale, peel the chest up,
baby cobra, pull the belly in. Come to a higher cobra, only
if it’s okay on your back. There should be no pain. Lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees. Lower down. Tuck your toes, firm the leg muscles, knees up or down, press up to plank and then back into your
down dog, stretching back. Take a breath and then
inhale, lifting left leg up, from the inner thigh so
your hips stay level. As you exhale, slowly step
it up by the left hand, pick it up and put it as needed. Right knee, pad up that
knee if you have any pain. Reach up, pull your left hip back. Pull your ribs and belly in. Relax around your neck, breathe. Now bringing your right hand to the floor, pull that left hip back,
turn your torso to the left and reach up again. So you’re keeping the twist from moving from above your waist, best you can. Hips always wanna go along for the ride. Try to keep the hips level. Exhale, take the hand down. Walk your left foot to the left a little, hands on the inside. Inhale, lengthen through
your spine, widen your chest. Now you can keep the right
hand down on the floor, or come to the forearm, your choice. Left arm comes back up for a twist again. And then the option to bend the back knee and reach for the foot. No pressure. You are an amazing yogi, if
you reach the foot or not. Roll your top shoulder back. Turn your torso for your twist. Breathe, exhale, release. Come up on up to the hands, inhale. Tuck the back toes, exhale,
set the foot to the front. Inhale, lengthen the spine halfway up. Fold as you exhale. Take your feet about hips width. Let your belly come onto your thighs. Take your hands to the
backs of your thighs, just above your knees. Let your head turn side to side. Now slowly start to slide
your hands down your calves, straightening the knees any amounts. And if they straighten firm those muscles and shift your hips forward so the weight moves toward
the front of the feet, the balls of the feet. Then inhale, lengthen halfway, bring your hands to hips,
little bend in the knees as you come to stand. Very good work my friend. All right, we’re gonna do some balancing. Ground down through the left leg. Pick up your right foot anywhere
above or below the knee. You can always rest your right ball of the foot on the floor. Inhale, reach through the arms. Drop your right hip down and then squeeze your
left hip in toward center. Keep a steady focal points and breathe. Relax around the neck. If you come out, just come back in. Point the knee forward, inhale, extend the leg in front of your, shoulders stay above the hips. Now keep your steady focal point. You’re gonna swing the leg back. Start to lift it from the inner thigh and drop the outer hip. It’s a warrior three, not for long and then slowly make
your way to center, nice. Now do the other side. So grounding through the right leg. Firm that leg. Pick up the left foot. You can keep the ball
of the foot on the floor or take the foot anywhere
above or below the knee. Find your stead focal points. Inhale, arms up when you’re ready. Drop your left hip down toward the ground. Squeeze you outer right hip in. Those are the outer hip muscles, the glute medius and minimus. Now pointing the knee forward, slowly extend that leg up any amount. Keep your shoulders above your hips instead of leaning back. Keeping the steady focal point, start to take that leg back. It may touch the ground,
it doesn’t matter. Reach forward with the arms,
stretch back with the leg point the toes straight down, so you can drop the outer left hip. Inhale, make your way slowly
to center, hands to heart. Great job. Turn and face the long side of the mat. Wide legs, turn your
right leg all the way out, back toes in. It’s warrior two so make
sure your legs are wide. Inhale arms to shoulder height. Exhale, bend the knee over the ankle. Make sure the knee lines up
right above the middle toes. And now face your palms
up and lift your chest and see if you can find some
more softness around the neck. Keep that, face your palms back down. Keep pressing into the front heel, outer edge of back foot. Then slowly start to
straighten your front leg as you bend your back knee. Imagine there’s an
elephant right on your hip and your thigh and it’s
pressing down so strongly. The slowly re-bend the front knee, straightening the back leg. Notice the difference, more groundedness. Now nobody’s perfect, but within you, and all of us, there is a perfect place, a place of compassion,
and kindness, and love, an some days on your mat
you can absolutely feel it. Straighten the leg. Notice if you feel it today. Turn your left leg out, back
toes in, lining heel to arch. Arms up, inhale. Bend the knee, exhale. Keep your breath smooth and steady. Lift the back inner thigh. Firm the leg, gaze over your finger tips, draw your belly in and up, and lift your pelvic
floor muscles even here. Now face your palms up
and see if you can soften around your neck and shoulders even more. Keep that softness and
turn the palms back down. Keep breathing as you inhale. Now slowly straighten that
front leg a little bit as you bend the back knee and weight, weight, weight
down in the back leg. Big sandbag there. Then slowly straighten the
back leg bending the front, back to regular warrior two. Notice the difference. Very grounded, centered. When you practice, every time you become a little stronger and more flexible and your inner light starts
to shine out so brightly. Inhale, straighten the leg,
bring ’em into parallel, pull your toes in just a bit. Hands on hips. Inhale arms up. Exhale, interlace your fingers or hook your thumbs behind you. Roll the shoulder heads
back, look up gently, inhale. Hinge from your hip creases,
exhale, coming forward. Prasarita Padottanasana C. Now firm the legs. Pull up on the knee caps, make the sure the knees are unlocked. Make sure the elbows are also unlocked. Very carefully, carefully shift the weight towards the balls of your feet. I had to be extra careful, because I’m actually on a picnic table. If I went too far, it would
have been disastrous. (laughs) Luckily you don’t have that
probably where you are. Inhale, come on up. And then release the arms out
to shoulder height, inhale. Exhale, interlace other pinky on the top. Open the chest, inhale, lengthen, hinge from your hip creases, exhale coming forward one again
with the opposite interlace. Firm the legs all the way
up into your hip sockets and then firm your outer hips in. Hold an imaginary beach ball
between your inner thighs. Notice if that the
weight’s all in the heels. If it is, carefully shift it
towards the balls of the feet, so it’s more even. As you inhale, come up
with a nice flat back and release the arms,
inhale, hold the breath. Bend the knees, either
step or hop feet together. And then turn back to
the front of your mats. Take a breath here. Notice how you feel, changes
that have already occurred. Yoga connects you to your best self. It is an inside job. Bend the knees, drop the hips, chair pose. Weight into your heels,
reach for the arms. Sink a little deeper if you can. Drop your butt bones down,
lengthen through the lower back. Breathe, you are so strong. Belly to thighs, exhale, fold. Let your head hang. Make some movements in your
arms, shoulders, neck, head. Then put your hands to your hips, bend the knees a little, inhale come up. Face the side, the long side of the mat again, feet together. Bring your hands to your chest. Bend your knees, hold the breath. Step or jump feet apart. For triangle pose, turn your
right leg all the way out, back toes in, line heel to arch. Inhale, hinge from your hip crease. Reach, reach, reach, exhale. Take your right hand
down wherever it falls. It doesn’t have to go deep. Stretch up through the left hand. If your hand does touch the floor though, take it to the little
toe side of your foot. Press into the base of the
big toe of the right foot. Try your right hip underneath you. Lengthen your torso. Take your left hand to the
bottom side of your rib cage. Pull it forward and
rotate your top ribs back and stretch up through that top arm. Lengthen the crown of the
head forward, maybe look up. Breathe. Relax around your neck. Remember, keep your muscles firm, but unlock those knee joints. Look down to the foot,
little bend in the knee, inhale, come up. Take your feet to parallel, left leg all the way up, back toes in. Make sure your feet line up heel to arch. Inhale, arms at shoulder height. Exhale, hinge from the hip crease. Reach and reach and reach and reach. If you cannot reach any more
then you take your hand down anywhere along the leg, to a yoga block. If you’re using a yoga block or your hand comes to the floor, put it on the little
toe side of your foot, ’cause you can easier draw your
left sitting bone under you. Then press to the big toe
mound at the left foot. Take your top hand to the
bottom side of the rib cage, rotate your rib cage, bottom
forward, top ribs back. Lengthen from your navel all the way out to the crown of your head. Press down gently through the bottom hand and reach energy through
your fingertips, breathe. Extend through your side body. Notice how you feel. There’s no right or wrong. Look down, inhale and come on up. Take your feet, toes out, heels in. Bend your knees, lengthen your butt down, but press your knees back, goddess pose. It’s not an easy one. Try to lift your frontal hip bones up. Now hands in front, interlace fingers. As you inhale start to
reach them up, any amount. Soften around your neck, and then re-drop your butt
and re-press your knees back. Sink down. Release your hands and reach them up. You are doing amazing work. Now take them out to shoulder height. Keep lifting frontal hip
bones towards your lower ribs. Super power pose. Face your palms up. Slowly straighten the legs as
you bring arms all the way up, palms touch, hands to heart, nice work. One more time. Bend your knees, drop your butt down. Tilt your pelvis a little bit forward, so your hip points lift. Bring your hands in front. Interlace other pinky on the bottom. Face you palms out. Inhale, reach your arms up toward the ears or as much as they’ll come. But soften around your neck. Again, drop your butt down. Press your knees and thighs back. Release the hands. Keep reaching your arms up. Palms are facing in. Breathe, now let the palms face out and reach through your fingertips like you’re trying to touch the wall on either side of the room. Pull your belly in. Lift your pelvic floor muscles. Inhale, palms up, reach up. Take your feet to parallel,
arms stretching up and now arms to a T inhale. Hold the breath, bend the knees, step or hop, feet together. Turn back to the front. Nice work my friend. Now feet parallel, big
toes touching, heels apart or hip socket distance. And bend the knees. I’m gonna balance again, so picking up your right leg, cross it over the left once or wrap the foot around the calf. Take your arms to shoulder height, left arm over right, bend the elbows. You could also touch your shoulder. Garudasana, the eagle pose. Find your steady balance
point with your eyes. Pull your belly in,
squeeze your outer hips, squeeze your inner thighs. Keep your legs as they are. Take your arms up, inhale
and then release it. Back to Samasthiti and
we’ll do the other side. Bend both knees a little. Pick up your left leg, wrap
it around the right once or you can wrap it around
the calf if it works. Arms to shoulder height, inhale. Exhale right, arm on top of left. Touch your palms, backs of hands, or touch your shoulders if
that doesn’t work for you to do it the way I’m showing. Do you what you can,
it’s not about the pose. Sit back, keep your belly pulled in, your pelvic floor muscles
lifted, outer hips in. Slowly release the arms
out, around, and up and then release the
legs, hands to the hearts. Take a breath, hands to low back. Open the chest, exhale,
hinge from the hips and fold. Take your feet hips
width, grab your elbows and hang a moment. Again, let everything relax. Let your neck just be long. Bring hands to hips and come up to stand. We’re gonna take this up a notch. Remember, observe, do not criticize. Bend your knees, cross your right knee over the left once, or
wrap it around the calf. Arms at shoulder height, inhale. Exhale, left over right. Do whatever modifications you need here. Pull your belly in,
lift your pelvic floor. Keep a steady gaze. Outer hips in. Uncross your top leg
and start to reach back to that warrior three we did earlier. So drop the outer hip, reach your fingertips forward if you can, and now set that foot down, come onto the ball of the back foot, and make sure your front
knee’s over your ankle. So you might need to
wiggle that back foot back, so it’s lined up. If you’re steady here, start
to open the chest a little bit, maybe even reaching fingertips
back for a baby backbend. It’s not easy, I know. Now lean over your front thigh, take as many steps as you need, to lift that back leg into
a warrior three or not, and then wrap it around again,
returning to Garudasana. Hip points facing the front. Squeeze outer hips, inner thighs. Release the arms, inhale, bring ’em up, hands to heart, uncross. One side down, here we go. Second side, bend the knees a little bit. Pick up your left leg and
cross it over the right once or wrap it around the calf. Arms at shoulder height, right
arm comes on top of left. Press the backs of the hands or palms together, whatever works. Lift those elbows, but
soften around the neck. Keep your steady gazing point. Lift your pelvic floor, lift
your belly a lot, no kidding. Uncross the top leg,
start to stretch it back. You might need to touch the
floor, it doesn’t matter. Stretch your fingertips
forward, warrior three. Drop the outer hip of the lifted leg. Then slowly set the foot down. Get yourself nice and comfy. Tilt your pelvis forward,
make sure your front knee’s over the ankle, pull your belly in. Pulling the right hip back and
maybe a teeny, tiny backbend as you lift those
fingertips up and look up. Look forward again. Find your steady gaze. Lean over the thigh, maybe returning to warrior
three once again, maybe not. Totally your call. And then wrap that left leg
again over the right once or around the calf,
back to where you came. Squeeze the legs, inhale, arms up, releasing them, hands to heart. Return to Tadasana, nice job. Shoo, inhale, reach the arms up and as you exhale, hinge from
your hip creases and fold in. Inhale, halfway lift, exhale
stepping to plank pose. Knees can be up or down,
shift forward, Chaturanga, shoulders no lower than the elbows please, then inhale to up dog, thighs
and knees off the floor, or do a cobra. Exhale, downward facing dog. Stretch all the way back. Breathe. Notice the energy moving through your body as you lift your right leg up, inhale. Exhale bring it forward for a pigeon pose. Back toes straight back behind. Now if any discomfort your knee roll onto your back and
take thread the needle or figure four, I’m gonna
show it on the other side. You can stay up on your hands
or come to your forearms or lengthen all the way. Keep your hips level. If your right hip is rolling
down to the floor, pad it up. Breathe, relax. When you practice yoga,
you find this calmness coupled with energy and a mindfulness. It gives you the power to achieve things that you never thought were possible. Now I know this from my own experience. I never thought any of this was possible. And if it is possible
for me, then believe me, it is possible for anyone,
so do what you love. Create a life that you love. Really paint the picture in your mind. Write it down what it is that you would like
your life to look like. Just relax and breathe here. Slowly inhale to come up. Keeping your left forearm down, reach your right arm up and then option to bend your back knee and reach for your foot. Maybe this time you’ll be able to reach if you couldn’t reach the first time. If you don’t reach, you’re
still an amazing person, doesn’t matter, do what you can. Release, come up onto
the hands, tuck the toes, stretch out that right leg. This time open up the hip, you could make a big circle if you like. Give it a good stretch
and then set it down, and we’ll do the other leg. Inhale your left leg back and up. Exhale, bring it forward into pigeon. Now if you have any pain in the knee, you’re gonna roll onto your back and take thread the needle. Every time pigeon comes up, if it hurts your knee,
take the other pose, or another hip opener that you know. Stretch your back, toes
straight back behind you. Inhale stay up on the
hands, or exhale forearms or exhale all the way down. And if you’re rolling
down onto your left hip, pad it up with a little
pillow or folded blanket. It’s important to keep the hips level. That helps to keep your knee safe. Focus on long slow breaths. Scan your body, releasing any tension that you feel. The best yoga benefits have nothing to do with how deep you can get into any pose. Yoga is really an inside job. We have to move from the body first, because connecting, moving,
breathing with the body, helps us to connect
with that special place, that perfect place inside. And now relax. Continue being kind to
yourself as you come up. with your forearm parallel at the front, stretch the left arm, twist,
option to bend the back knee reaching for the foot. Again, just an option. Treat yourself with compassion. Take a breath here (inhales loudly) and let it go as you unwind. Tuck your back toes under. Stretch your left leg back and up and then you open up the hip, big circle if you like. And then set the foot down. We’re gonna come to seated so stepping or hopping forward, cross your shins to sit, and then take your feet
flat onto the floor with knees bent as you lower
yourself slowly onto the floor. And then inhale, lift
your legs just straight up toward the sky. It looks easier than it is. You do have to use your belly muscles, so engage the belly and the
pelvic floor to hold it. Plus, with your legs up, it’s a really good way to counter gravity and start to relax by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Take your hands to backs of your legs. Bend the knees as much as you need as you slide your hands towards your feet. Straighten out the legs as much as they will and breathe here. Your feet might even touch
the floor, who knows. Just go in as deeply
as what works for you, so that you feel a stretch,
but you don’t wanna cry. Bend the knees, take
your feet to the floor. Hips to the right, knees to the left, option to cross right knee over left. Then look over your right
shoulder for a twist. Turn your belly up toward the ceiling. Resting here, take deep breaths. Come to center, hips to center. Now take the hips just
a little to the left, knees to the right and cross
your right knee over your left looking over the left shoulder. Inhale compassion for yourself. Exhale kindness to the world. Bring your head to center,
uncross knees to center. Hug knees to chest, lengthen your sitting
bones toward the floor. Stretch your low back. Bring your feet to the floor. Lengthen your sitting bones
towards the backs of your knees. If you’re off your mat like I am, scoot a little bit toward the top and draw you shoulders
away from your ears. Let your feet flop open, arms
away from the sides, palms up. Come to natural breathing, just relax. Release tension in your
forehead and then your jaw. Let your body be heavy. Our quote today is from Maya Angelou. “I have learned that people
will forget what you’ve said. “People will forget what you did, “but people will never forget
how you made them feel.” Quiet mind, quiet body, Shavasana. Right where you are,
take a deeper breath in. Let it go as you move your
fingers, toes, hands, and feet. Inhale, stretch the arms overhead. Oh you did wonderful work. Bend your knees, roll
yourself off to your right. Take a moment to honor yourself. Thank yourself for showing up and taking great care of
your body and your mind. Press yourself slowly up
to a comfortable seat, shins crossed, bring the hands together. Hands to your forehead reminding you to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to heart reminding you to have clear and loving intentions. Hands to your mouth reminding you to have clear and loving communication, sending out this positive energy of joy and compassion to
all beings everywhere. Namaste. Now if you want to
connect even more deeply with your personal power center, I’ve created a special class just for you, to work on your core muscles. It is right below, the second link, or it’s pinned to the top of the comments. To practice more hatha yoga, click this video right here. People really love this video and I want you to love it
too, so click it right here.