– We couldn’t be more
excited to join together two great, historic
Connecticut organizations. St. Vincent’s is really
an essential organization. It’s done so much good
for so many for so long in Bridgeport and the Greater
Fairfield County region. We’ll have the ability to build
bigger, stronger programs. We’ll create more access. We’ll be stronger at recruiting physicians and other national leaders to our system as we have more to offer. So we’re really excited
about extrapolating the capabilities we’ve created against the vast majority of Connecticut, now bringing those capabilities
to Fairfield County. So I think it’s gonna be
wonderful for our staff. It’s gonna be wonderful for
all of us who work here. But most importantly,
it’s gonna be wonderful for the people we serve, and the people of Fairfield County who will see a health
system that’s built for them and that is truly patient-centered.