hey Lainey Lainey you want to say Happy Father's Day to the people's say Happy Father's Day baby say Happy Father's Day happy Father's Day to all the good men out there yeah you know what I said I'm tired as crap I just uh I just got off of work so but you know it's like a lot of men always get a bad rap about the ones that kind of mess it up for the good ones that are doing for their kids so I say you know what you know you got to give give homage to the gods that are there for the wives they're there for the girlfriends and out there of course it's Father's Day for their kids so I just want to make this video really to say Happy Father's Day and I'm also just add my push-ups in there too and to be honest sometimes a lot of us women that are single mothers even though we can never replace a good man you moms will kind of say Happy Father's Day to us as well and even when Mother's Day roll around to all the single fathers out there doing for their kids by day so you know you can get happy Mother's Day too even though that passed but I spoke this one just the good man that's doing what they supposed to do so you know we really appreciate the ones that has been there from birth until the child and got 18 and went to college or pretty much got 18 and moved out well maybe got 18 and still living in you still being a good Papa you know we need more men like you out there you know every man is not doing what he's supposed to do but in so many of y'all that's doing what you supposed to do I have a lot of brothers that's the only day supposed to do so happy Father's Day to my brothers happy Father's Day to my father he does what he can with all the kids he got happy Father's Day to any of you that's watching you maybe got to a baby in your hand right now you know playing with your kids enjoying a cookout you know happy Father's Day to all the YouTube family all the other youtubers making videos the ones I know not saying that kid's life happy Father's Day to you and happy Father's Day to like just a people that comment and you did for your kids so happy Father's Day happy Father's Day through the single man raising the kids body so happy Father's Day to the ones that's married with the family happy Father's Day like I said to the ones that just got girlfriends but y'all on your way to becoming one and getting that marriage poppin baby so I said you know man y'all all that's doing for your family y'all are kings y'all are definitely some royalty so y'all need to get treated as such and you damn sure need to get the credit because I know that Mother's Day can always get more credit than the father's but there's so many fathers that's going to it just don't get a lot of spotlight so I know that there's good and bad guys out there but this video is for all the good guys that's deciding to do what's normally right so let's get past all of that and let's make it these dang 50 pushups out the way all right so let's let me get let me get to let me knock this out so I can take my shower everything all right so in the middle of my reps I'm gonna just do some squats it's like I've been focusing on my arm so much that I need to put some effort on my legs even though I get enough of that at work but you know working is pretty much seem like cardio if you ask me so I want to do more targeting of muscles so let's do some squats while I wait to do these next 15 on top of 15 and a 5 yes baby were you doing any all right so actually I got one more 15 to do and then intend to do me I was a prize I'm able to have the energy to do this after just getting off but I said I'm gonna do it so I'm gonna keep my word all right so that was 15 I got 10 more to do so in the middle of that I'm gonna do some lunges you had to work my legs so let me fix this is what all you guys that are great goodies I know it's Father's Day but for the ones that's been doing the challenge I hope y'all resume this push-up challenge and staying fit tomorrow after y'all enjoy your families and you cookout and everything so nothing not this last 10 out then I can go take my tail and lay down cuz I'm tired I'm turd all right I mean not just in my office but like spaghetti homie sores hell no no I'm getting used to it but we're gonna see that I'm about to take an Epsom salt bath and knock this joint out all right that's awesome yes so all right you lovely fellows you know thank you for being a kid life so that we can have some productive you know I don't because you know a good father a father means a lot so let's get these kids with the guy you know you had a good time and you had them babies hopefully by a woman you love so it should be too easy just to be there for that lovely to you know adorable kids you got but you got a daughter or son so thank you so much but your contribution has a good man a good husband a good boyfriend well maybe you separated but you still be any for your kid so it's just being a good father Peary instead of being a sperm donor so he already know I say what's on my mind but if you don't apply to you you won't get offended so harsh off let me get and take the stamp Epsom salt bath and get to cooking dinner with my kids and late my tail down so tom is the essence let's make better time of it hey Laney Laney can we love you shopping not judge each other huh can't we think Lainey she's worried about you chick so that's not be something I judge you chuckles I'd never judge you and I love you so I got you my situps to you but I'm gonna do that but tomorrow so these