have you ever wanted to strain your hamstrings at home but you haven't had a seated or lying hamstring curl machine of course you have today I'm going to show you how to do so with just a dumbbell and rubberband free easy kill exercises it's five of them here and you're going to be able to build up some very strong – very big hamstrings all from the comfort of your home check it out before acts against the exercise and explain two things number one the only way to train a hamstrings either from a hinging of your knee or a hinging from your hip most of these exercises that I'm going to be explaining are coming from the hip section however you have one that's going to allow you to train the hamstring from a knee hinge thing number two is the reason that this is good that we're going to be doing so much hip hinging is that we're not only going to be just targeting the hamstring we're gonna be getting the whole posterior chain mean your hamstrings your glutes and your lower back combining the threes you get your posterior chain so it's going to be incredibly effective at yes totally destroying your hamstrings and double them up nice and strong but also in the lower back and the glutes as well guys exercise number one we've got here is a dumbbell Romanian deadlift before we actually get into any of the dumbbell aspect we first need to learn how to do the movement properly this is kind of a difficult movement so it's going to take a little bit of time to explain this but once you've mastered that you're going to be able to just totally obliterate your hamstring this is my absolute favorite exercise for building up mass and strength in the hamstring so the first and foremost thing is you want to have your feet shoulder width apart record from here oh we need to do is we're going to slightly stick your butt up and get her fastened and extend here this is mean straight this may be just slightly sticking my back up so in each also pay attention to what I'm doing with my back I'm keeping it neutral I'm not arching it like crazy and it's definitely not ground I want to keep that nice and neutral the next thing you need to do is keep a slight bend in those knees that bending those knees is going to be there's a whole time you're never actually going to walk your legs out like this it's like a desert so keep your nice soft knees what we're doing here just going to glide your hand down your legs and you're sticking your butt out coming down either too low and what we're focusing on here before we on choose the dumbbell is dating the point when our back starts to break in those experience of arches you can notice right here my back is fully charged let me do it a little a little bit to the point where it just starts to straight though so about the straightest this point acing lowers its event so right here where my hands are just below my knees that's where as jij is my furthest point that I can bend over pulling back is completely strict anything lower and my back strips been and I'm putting it in a great position to get injured don't want that so we're only going to aim to get the dumbbells just below the knees different for everybody so I'll depending on your flexibility some of you guys might not even be able to go below the knees some of you guys may be able to go further though about how flexible you are so gauging your flexibility at first is extremely important so directly from there we grab our dumbbells place them to the front and we're going to start by sticking that photo keep it a soft bend in the knees and then slowly bending down we're just gliding those dumbbells down like my fingertips are touching my life here sticking that photo and just getting below the knees and as you come up what we're doing here is we're bringing the hips forward by squeezing the glutes and then coming back down nice and slowly getting just below the knees and inspiring right back up okay exercise number two the exact same thing over with the resistance band this is actually going to be a little bit different because with the resistance band much further instructions the more difficult it gets to keep stretching it when we get to the top point right here it's just going to continue to get more difficult and the band begins to get more stretched up so exact same thing that we did with dumbbell Romanian deadlift we go feed on a shoulder width stance run that band under the arches of my feet I start by sticking out my butt here I like soft side to my knees we're going to come down slowly here sticking that butt out and bring those hands to the exact same point that we had them originally with the dumbbells so for me that is just below my knees from here squeeze the gloom bring the hips forward and we're going to focus on trying to keep those palms at the front of her like the whole time exercise number three is a dumbbell swing now this actually makes me done with the kettlebell and a lot more efficient to some of you guys do not that one so if you do I would definitely ask for the kettlebell but I'm going to exemplify that the dumbbells because it's just as applicable so how you perform this is like positioning your via both shoulder-width apart maybe just a little bit wider so that you can figure hands on the next what we're doing is we're keeping a nice soft bend in the knees again here we're going to bring the dumbbells up like you can nice neutral spine and sticking that butt up know what we're going to do is like squeezing their glutes and spreads to your hips let's bring the dumbbell upwards coming down legs are low and then swinging off now we don't want to come down into a squat nice and low down here that's going to involve a lot of squats and we don't really want to be doing that we want to be targeting our hamstrings want to keep a nice stop bend at the knees we're not coming down too low but they are bent fairly we're going to drop we're squeezing the gluts on each repetition making sure to keep that back nice and straight and bringing that dildo just above the point we are aren't a parallel with the ground next we've got the fans pull through so in order to do this exercise you need to connect your band something that's pretty heavy and it's going to like the ability thrust with a decent amount of stress so I've recommended something that's at least a couple hundred pounds so you're going to pull the band through your legs you're going to step though to increase the tension keep them those feet just a little bit wider than shoulder width apart and again keeping this soft bend in the knees here you're going to bend by bringing that lower back to about parallel to the ground back straight by puzzles and the same thing that we did with the kettlebell is almost swings you squeezing your glutes to bring your hips forward coming down dr. both parallel to the ground and then squeezing the glutes to bring the band forward and again this is gonna be an awesome exercise the lower back the glutes and of course the hamstring alright our final hamstring exercise and this is that exercise that I was mentioning that's going to be done with some me hinging movement we've got a fancam spring curl so to perform this again the same thing that we did with the band pull through we need to hook this up onto something that clearly has something that's fairly strong enough for us to pull through if your hamstrings are strong they're going to be able to pull a lot of weight you don't want whatever your bands can execute fall on you so make sure it's pretty heavy so that position is just above ankle height this is just letting people tension on my hamstrings the entire time I get into this thing it's simple what by clutch step your feet up about shoulder width apart and you guys can slowly back up and play get your benefit that's important to make sure you have something to sit on for this exercise you're going to position your hands behind your body here and you're going to let your legs straight and all you're doing is bringing those heels towards the gluts and going to hold this position for about a second or two just to get that really effective targeting on the hamstring muscle this is actually an incredible exercise to really target hamstring where you don't need to create the expense of hamstring curl machine that you're going to use for one exercise hamstring curls to increase your comfort on this exercise I just recommend you get a pair of long saw or even wrap your legs and the towels were performing this specifically because of the raw skin and the rubber band connections kind of uncomfortable some people can deal with this but if you're one of those that's going to be very irritated by this exercise and again I'd recommend either the soft or the towel for maximum comfort there you guys go the one muscle group you probably assumed you couldn't train at home those are five of my absolute favorite home hamstring exercises that you can do at home with either a band or with the dumbbell crazy effective exercises you're going to be able to put some mass and strength in those hamstrings now absolutely no time in the comfort of your own home I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did be sure to give it a length down below and also be sure to subscribe for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you won't want to miss thanks so much for watching guys I'll see you in the next video