What’s up guys, Taren here. Today we are
talking about Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids. This is Hammer Nutrition’s long endurance
line of products that’s meant for athletes that are going longer than two and a half
or three hours in maybe an Ironman, a century road ride, and in my case I ended up using
it for the seventeen mile marathon swim that I’ve told you guys all about. I ended up becoming so awesome because of
the Perpetuem solids. No, of course it’s not just because of the Perpetuem Solids,
it does have something to do with me being that awesome naturally, it’s a gift it’s
a curse, but the Hammer Nutrition was essentially the only thing that I used during that swim
and I found that it worked really well. So Perpetuem is not a gel or a chew or a drink,
this is basically a meal replacement where you get all of your calories, your carbohydrates,
a little bit of sugar, some protein, your fat, all of your electrolytes, in this one
package. And the idea behind it is that if you’re going for those lengths of time you
can’t run a sugar high for three, four, five, twelve, seventeen hours, you want whole
foods and something that’s going to give you a slow burn throughout that entire effort. In my case, my swim lasted eight hours and
forty-one minutes and what I used was a mixture of the Perpetuem Solids, water, and the Hammer
Gel. Did it taste good? EHHHHHHHH, not so much. It was a really syrupy, chalky, chocolaty
kind of taste that a little kid in the boat referred to as “Brown Juice. Yucky!” But,
that said this worked really awesome for keeping my energy levels up throughout that entire
swim. I took about 170 calories every half hour, I didn’t get too high, I never had
an energy crash, and I had zero digestive discomfort throughout the entire swim. So in my experience, yeah it does what it’s
supposed to do. It gives you a really nice long, steady energy burn that you don’t
have to worry about crashing at any point. The downside though is that, like I said,
that it’s not delicious. It’s a very chalky, thick drink that you get a fair bit of aftertaste
with. There is a liquid form of this. I didn’t
have access to that when I was purchasing the product originally, so I ended up going
with these solids. And if you take a look at the Solids, they’re basically a solid
stick of chalk. A few weeks ago I actually tried t chew this up alone, as breakfast before
a workout, and I didn’t even get through one I had to spit it out. So I don’t really
get what the purpose of these solids is. If you do only have access to the solids, you
can still use them. What I ended up doing was putting as many of these into a zip lock
bag as I was planning on using, and smashing it all up with a hammer basically to get it
to a protein powder kind of form and then mixing it up that way. I could not, for the
life of me chew these, they are basically inedible in my opinion in this form. Don’t be scared off by that, it is a good
product, I would just recommend sticking with the liquid form of the Perpetuem and not these
solids. It’s very easy to digest. In my experience,
this was one of the only things that I could digest for hours, upon hours, upon hours without
my gut getting rotten throughout that time. As far as price is concerned, it’s not a
cheap product. It’s about fifty bucks for thirty-two servings. When you start getting
into really specific energy needs like this you are going to end up paying a little bit
more. So if you’re doing and training or racing
that I longer than three hours and you find that you get tired or achy past that two and
a half or three hour mark, and you do want to try some whole foods give this a shot.
It’s a good product; I don’t think that you’re going to be upset; it’s certainly
something worth trying. As always, if you like these tips and review
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