This game is called ‘Pin Down’. Start with hula hoops around a small playing area. Place a plastic pin inside each. Those
are the home bases for the players. One player at each base will
protect their pin. The remaining players will stay at the
edge waiting for their turn to get in. They will not be standing there for long. If you are worried about them being
inactive for a period of time you can have them jog on the spot. Throw the dodgeballs in. The goal of the game is to knock over each other’s pins. Players can leave their area if they wish to, however then their hula hoop becomes more vulnerable. If a pin is knocked over, then the group on the side will yell out ‘Pin Down’. That player goes to the side, and a new player comes in, picks up the pin, and the game goes on. That’s the basic idea to the game. You can add your own rules.