what’s going on youtube – we’re back again
to the Miami in killzone and I’m today making a Tony sentmanat preferred gear
selection for working out and all the different stuff that I use okay some
companies I work with some I do not i wanted to be straightforward and pretty much
show you exactly a lot of different stuff that I use okay let’s start off
with my headphones which they do not pay me but this is almost that I wear this
my prefer headphones I’ve gone through four of them because I’ve broken that in
the last year’s my fourth pair program I lost them
these are dre beats I have to have headphones that pretty much have that
little hook around the ears so they don’t come falling off when I do jumping
running and all that stuff leaves up in the gym as well alright so we’re done
pretty much with what headphones I use alright so let’s talk about actual gear
here that I use on a regular basis in the gym let’s start off with the with
the basics the hardcore stuff belts what belts do I use like pretty much – belts
I use my cardinal Bell and I use my slingshot strong belts as you can see
here both of them are prong based so you can see here I don’t wear a Leever belt
okay I as I go up in weight I I usually tighten the compression
tighten tighten tighten as I go back everyone wait leave oh god you know it’s
either 100 or nothing all right so I like these two belts it’s what I use
you’re squatting deadlifting so you can see they’re very
thick both right yes these boats are expenses they’re not
cheap but they will ask you 20 years 30 years if you take care of them
wrist wraps what wrist wraps do I use I use gangster ribs okay your strong wrist
wraps from sling shot okay as you can see here
we’re pretty big right run it all the way through and actually run that
whenever I’m bench pressing whenever I’m squatting I use the gear this gear I use
it all the time guys I’m not an ego guy that like to lift really heavy with out
here there’s no need for it if I have the gear I use it and how to use it so I
don’t get hurt alright I’m in this game for the next 10
or 15 years I’m 40 years old about 20 25 years old anyone else 25 minute care but
now I care very very much so those were the wrist wraps these are the elbow
compression cuffs that I wear these are my signature brand through sling shot
there is these and there’s the biggie cuffs that are a little bit bigger okay
these are really really good for your elbows when you’re benching and all that
stuff so I highly recommend if you have elbow pain or you’re going high rep real
heavy wear these then will help you a lot as you get older couple compression
cuffs through sling shot when it comes to colors for my barbells I use lockjaw
colors these are the brand new ones designed by my boy Roy the machine
world-class bencher they’re metal and they clip on super tight so I like them
a lot plus they come with this you want to put any bands or change or whatever
so they’re really really good you can get those on Amazon just like all this
stuff okay can all be grabbed on Amazon as was during that their main website I
use my own straps these are my own of preferred straps okay you can see
they’re like a cushion in the back yeah my logo on them and they have this
little piece here for the bar right these are the straps I use I also use
these meister straps that are like the four-stroke with
strong menus there as you can see it’s a little bit different it’s not a wrap
around this is a wrap around this is you put your hand in put it around the bar
and then put your hand again so you only get this part here as you can see okay I
don’t have my own this type of straps my signature Meister is the one that I use
they will not pay me they will not drop any association with them whatsoever but
this is what you saw this what you on the video
I use these sometimes for squatting okay guys need sleeves I do not wear wraps
very rarely do I ever wear wraps I don’t wear wraps for all my knees I
don’t like the feeling of it I don’t unless you’re a hardcore power lifter
there’s no need for wraps okay so I wear nice Lee’s I wear sleeves
okay these are the sleeves that I usually wear right there our slingshot
sleeves there’s tons of different there’s strong sleeves there they have
like four or five different variations of long sleeves they just have to you
know see which ones you like I like these because they have the grippy part
inside and it’ll slip down on your leg I got all the other ones too I can easily
call the grippy extreme sleeves okay so these are not I don’t think these are
you can’t wear these in the means they have a type like this that you can wear
the means though so it’s not appreciate so this is what I’m wearing for
squatting this you can get in Amazon or big sporting good eye is called muscle
max epitome of fitness right I use this as like a foam roller I usually do this
in my performance my hips right before I’m gonna start squatting all that helps
me to loosen it up it acts as a foam roller but he gets it a lot deeper
all right so I use this a lot this is like a cool true thing for me
bands what bands do I use these are X bands okay I usually all events that I
have are all expense I know the owner is a great dude me and him have been
associate a long time he does not pay me but I do like the products so I use them
in peace or actually attended friends and I use this is a red and this is an
orange which is heavier by the band heavier band I use those a lot for
tennis shoes what shoes do I wear for squatting I wear these shoes I don’t
even know every buck still makes these I have no idea but I have like three or
four pairs of them and this is what I wear I don’t like high heels like the
high high heels I wear videos these are like materials these are the CF 70 force
from Reebok CrossFit or whatever I have like an orange pair black pair and I
have this white paper so this is my word for spline and for my friend
conditioning I wear the innovates light 260 swear by these shoes these shoes are
freaking phenomenal I wear them on a daily basis and I wear them for all of
my circuits and all the jumping around stuff innovate does not pay me right
away guys and neither does rebok neither of those guys pay me alright so there you
go in regards to what shoes I wear some of the stuff that I use for therapy I
also use tarragon I know if you guys heard of that company Thera them they’re
gonna not pay me but I am a firm believer in this gun because it has
helped me a lot I don’t usually take this with me to the gym if I’m going
heavy for the day or I’m gonna have a very tough day or I’m feeling stiff you
can see here this is a brand new model the g2 or the g3 Pro right right so you have a light version
of it and then the other it’s a lot I have the original one and this one’s a
lot less noisy a lot better and you still have the capability of different
um you know you can put this head wherever you want to put okay so big
people here in this theragun I can they run about I want to say anyone about
Moonfire 600 bucks no but if you’re a guy and athlete like an older guy like
me you know or in your 30s and you’ve been noticed for a long time there it’s
really gonna help you a lot it’s gonna warm up your muscles
it’s an if you’re stiff or loosen you up it just helps up it’s helped me a ton
that’s why I like I recommend it to everybody now in regards to pin pain
mitigation what I wear when I have an eye sore or they have a pin somewhere or
whatever I usually wear this CBD MD freeze 750 milligrams that’s what I went
for pain medication like you know I put on my neck or throw my on my shoulder
whatever is hurting today helps with muscle aches arthritis back pain joint
pain you know and it it’s really really strong like it burns burns so it kind of
makes you forget about the pain helps me you could try CBD MD so you that pretty
much concludes a lot of the gear that I use I will be making some other videos
on the top gear that I use coming up soon when I’m at the range some of the
firearms that use and all that in case you guys want to know about that
stuff and I am also coming on with a subscription service very soon very soon
on the smash bod channel that will have everything in detail all the stuff
you’re not going to be getting on YouTube
so definitely highly recommend subscribe to that it’s gonna have all of my
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