Hey, look at this! Holy Christ! Seems to be a 6-pack! No, it’s an 8-pack! See! If I had such a boyfriend, Would’ve been awesome, right? Hey! We gotta go to the gym!
Get up! Oh yeah! We gotta go! 6 pack! Yeah! Listen, from the shop of
someone I know, I’ve got a huge pack
of protein powder for us. Protein powder! Yeah! There’s a small problem, though. The gym fees that we had to
pay this month, was spent to buy this.
Isn’t that ok? So we can’t go to the gym now! Bring that protein powder.
Let’s make dumplings! Don’t stress out.
It’s all right. Nobody’s gonna ask.
– What’ll we tell the master then? What do we have to tell him?
Don’t say anything. We’ll go without anyone knowing,
and work out. Many people come there.
Nobody will notice us. Nothing to worry. So we can go, right?
– Definitely! We’ve already bought all these!
Now go get ready! Change. Change over. Push-up! Do it without kneeling down! Hey, push-ups can be done
this way too! Trying to teach me! Silence! Hey!
– Yes? I’m done. I’m going home. There’s only one floor left.
Don’t be lazy! Come on! It’s difficult only while going up.
You can go down with ease! The master is on the other side.
Let’s go. Not to his den! Here! Let’s take the dumbbells. Hiyya! Yeah! Got me scared! Yeah!
– Last one! Is he weight-lifting,
or in labour-pain? He’s bragging about his meatloaves! Say easy! He could quietly lift it.
But he screeches! Plain show-off! No, that one
after 2 months. Now this small one. No small one there?
Take this then. Hurry up, without him noticing. How’s it? – After the delta
yesterday, my hand hurts. Didn’t you twist it yesterday? You ought not to twist it.
You gotta lift it straight. You didn’t tell me yesterday!
– I did. You didn’t get it. Easy-peasy!
– Easy-peasy! Easy-peasy!
– Easy-peasy! We can do it!
Once again! Easy-peasy! Easy-pea..sy! Listen… After pushing it too hard,
I feel like taking a dump. I’ll be back in a moment.
– Go ahead. You can do it! Easy-peasy! Let me join you! Brother, can I ask you a doubt? New admission?
– Yes! – Ask! How much time will it take
to get a body like that? Like that? What’s the point of pumping up
muscles like that? You’ll eventually have to appoint
someone even to scratch your back! Eat healthy food,
exercise daily, Build core strength, stay fit! Stay lean like this? For girls to notice, you gotta
have a body like that. See? You’re here to get abs, right? Go! Don’t make fun of me!
You’ll see it in a month! As if you’ll sustain for a month!
– Let’s see! You’ve been doing it since long.
Not done yet? Done.
– Ok.. We do it, too! How much weight has he added?
100 kgs? Insane fellow! You may sleep later.
Push, push! Come on! Go ahead! Push! Repeat! Up! Repeat! Repeat! Br.. Brother.. Repeat! Can you support me, please? Don’t worry. It’s all right. We are all with you.
Full support. Stay strong. But.. Don’t leave yet!
Please hold this! Where are you walking off to? Do you have to do this? Throw away
the mixie and grinder at home, and use grindstone instead.
The body will stay fit, like me. See? Is that so? Then why don’t you stay home
and use a grindstone, uncle? Uncle? Though I have this moustache,
I’m not so old! Uncle, it seems! What are you doing here, uncle? They don’t know much.
So I’m trying to.. Did you do what I asked you to?
– I will! They’ll do it. Come. I’m getting stomach cramps!
– Let it be! We’re paying for that! Since there’s no traffic,
it’s fun, right? We could go as fast
as we wish! See? Not like that! Chin should always be
above the handle bar. Look straight and race! Don’t race too much,
your knee will be ruined! Hey, brother..
What’s that machine for? Which one?
– That one. Did you work out on it?
– Pretty hard! Where does it hurt now?
– My fingers hurt badly. Yeah, that’s the machine
for finger-muscles! – Is that so? I’ll have to get my rings
changed in a month, right? Yes. Carry on. Strange doubts! Hurry up! We gotta go home and
eat flatbread with protein powder! Hey, without working out properly, don’t take protein powder
and get yourself into trouble! What trouble? We’ve looked up
on the internet and learnt these. Don’t look up on the internet.
They’ll say you got cancer! Hell no!
– I only told the reality! Reality? What are you trying to say?
Don’t learn from all these, and that there’s
an app for this, right? Yes, there is! ‘GOQii’. Didn’t I tell you? – How did you know?
– It’s the routine, now! This is not like the trash
you find on internet. It’s a good deal for people like us
who care about fitness. There are health experts, We can follow their recommended
diet and exercise. Anyway, you’re conning the master
and using the gym for free, right? There’s a quiz in this app. If you
answer it, you can win upto 500k! 500k Rupees? Then we could even
start our own gym! We won’t have to pay then! Yeah!
– Let me install it! There’s a code, ‘STAYFIT101’. If you enter it, you’ll get
5 lives and 1000 GOQii cash! Is that so?
– Yes. – Okay! Can’t! Who’s this new guy?
What’s he doing? Interesting! You do pull-ups this way?
Who taught you this? Isn’t this the pull-up? I know that. You gotta
pull higher, I meant. Hold on. Let me ask you! I’ve seen you somewhere.
What’s your name? Tovino.
– Tovino? Brother, shall I ask you something? You may ask. But why scratch me? Isn’t that Tovino trying to
bend those rods? Tovino? What.. do you do? I act a little, in films.. I don’t watch films. Hold on. Let me ask! Don’t think that I’m advising you.. Why don’t you find a good job
instead of wasting your life in films? Sure, I’ll try. Uncle is annoying him pretty well! I guess he’ll annoy
and get beaten up! Come on. Let’s take him away. Stop doing it. Let me ask you. Which film were you in? My last film was ‘Kalki’. How can you say it’s ‘Kalakki’ (good)?
We have to watch and say that! ‘Kalki’ is my film’s name! Say it then! So I was… Hey! Forget it!
– Sorry! Sorry! – It’s ok!
– Let’s catch up later! Hey, can I ask you a doubt? You get these by injections? Yes, it’s all built by injections. I take injections 3 times a day. Injections are enough, actually. I just pretend to be working out,
to fool people. Is that so?
– Yes. Shall I? Yes, keep acting!
– Okay! Damn! Wasted my time
coming to the gym! Do you even know who that was?
– Who? Don’t you have manners? You… Oh no, master! Oh! Haven’t paid the fees, kiddos? We’ll pay the fees.
That’s our word! As if you will!
And trying to teach me manners? That’s not the problem here! Enough! Go!
– Let’s puff it up! Master! What’s this?
Hey, raise the weight! Can’t we wait
until the master asks? That’s fine, we’re paying fees.
You raise it! Not enough! Raise it! Gotta lift it heavy! My legs
should look like hammerheads! As if you’ll play ‘Thor’
with the hammers! Okay! Why are you making weird faces? I’m the one who’s lifting it! Don’t stress on the face,
but on your hands! Yeah, doing it! There! Those guys! Hiding and working out!
Go and ask them! Okay! Didn’t I ask you come here
only after paying the fees? If you cheat like this,
it won’t show up on your body! Go and pay the fees!
– Can we pay it next week? Next week!
– Master? Go and pay the fees,
shameless guys! Ok, we will!
– No! Why can’t you just do
what you can, uncle? Ugh..
– Careful! I’m unable to bend my legs. You were right. It’s difficult
only to go up. Coming down is easy. Last one! Got embarrassed in front of those girls!
– What happened? How do you manage to
pump up your muscles? I’ve been visiting the gym
even before you. All I get are the swellings
by slamming myself at places. See! You want muscles? – Yes!
– You gotta have protein, then! Protein? What’s that? If you start having protein powder,
your muscles will be set. Seriously? – Yes!
– You want some? – Yes! My bucket is outside.
– Bucket? Protein bucket. Put two spoonsful in a glass, stir it, Slurp! One shot! Then you’ll see, Your muscles flying up! Go and gobble it up!
Let’s get powered! Will it be like this for real?
– Of course! Go! Keep mum, go and have it! Ok, let me go and gulp,
err, gobble one up! I’ll pump it up! This is why my muscles
didn’t pump all this while! Now I get it! Wonder where their bucket is! So this is the protein bucket! Let no one see it.
Will go to a corner and have it. Yeah, fast! Brother, did you see
my white-lime bucket? No!
– You know, the one that we apply on walls.. You didn’t see it? Repeat! Repeat! Couldn’t they have
put a spoon, at least! Let it pump up! Bro, listen! Maybe that guy took the white-lime
bucket instead of protein powder? Is he that dumb?
– He is! Master! Oh no! Oh, no! Uncle! What happened, uncle? I had a bit too much of protein powder!
– Protein? My mouth burns!
– What’s this? A zombie? My bucket of white-lime! white-lime? [Pathos music] Take me to the hospital! 6 pack dreams are all shattered! Lots of protein powder
going useless! I won’t let the protein powder
get wasted, buddy! Does it get wasted by asking you? What’s your problem?
– I wanna work out! You wanna work out, that’s all?
– Gotta pay fees for that, idiot! I know a place where you can work out
without a fees, you moron! Which place? Yes! We don’t have to pay!
We may even get paid! Then fees..? Follow me! Is that smuggling or something? Easy-peasy!
– Easy-peasy! Easy-peasy! We can do it! Only we can do it! Easy-peasy! Come on! Easy-peasy!
– Easy-peasy! Next!