We’re gonna start. Remember the hands are
gonna stand up as we take a breath in blow the heart, here we go. Stop, eyes closed.
Hands flat on your lap, your hands upward, your palms upward, just relax. Feel your body. You feeling tingling. You feel a sense of peace. Eyes still closed. We’re gonna do
3 sets of 10 again. Enjoy it. When your hands come up feel like energy extending up to grab the energy. Snap your elbows down, in the drop down
bring the energy within, here we go. Drop your hands down, relax.
Eyes closed. Feel your body. There’s centeredness. A possibility of peace. We’ll do one set more of 10, enjoy it when you do it. Hands up, here we go. Drop your hands. Relax.
Feel your center. For a moment just
put your hands on your heart, both of your hands on your heart. Physically
feel your heart and breathe deep into your heart. And feel the energy
and the power of your heart. As you breathe-in feel the blood rushing in
the heart, the strength of your heart. The beauty of your heart. The gift of your heart. You didn’t have to work for it, it was given
to you at birth, as long as it beats you live… it’s a gift. And feel grateful for your heart
as you breathe into it. As you hold and touch your heart I want you remember now something in your life you could feel deeply grateful for. A moment in your life you could feel deeply grateful for. It could be a little moment or big one,
it doesn’t matter. Just a moment, at any age, at any
stage of your life, that you can step in that moment right now like you were there and feel
grateful for it now. See what you saw, hear what you heard,
feel what you felt then now, like you’re there
feeling so grateful. Think of a second moment now
you could feel deeply grateful for. If you wanted to, what’s a moment you could feel
truly grateful for if you wanted to? Step in that moment like
you’re there. Breathe… step in and feel
that gratitude for that moment. Be there,
experience it. Think of a third moment now you could be grateful
for. Something little or big, it doesn’t matter, just something you could truly feel… lucky or blessed or grateful for; that moment
or that person or that situation that happened. Maybe it was even a coincidence, but it led to something beautiful in your life. What’s a coincidence that
led to something important… or beautiful or to something that you value,
your career, your relationship, your life… Was it a coincidence or were you guided? And feel grateful. Now relax your hands back on your lap. Continue to breathe deep. And now ask that anything that needs to be
healed, be healed now, based on your belief. Whatever that is; Life, The Universe, God,
Infinite Intelligence. Let it come within you. Ask that presence within you, heals anything that need to be healed. Your body, your emotions… …your thoughts, your feelings, your relationships,
your business, healed. Just breath like you were if you felt like a white light of healing poured into everything. Your organs, your emotions. Your blood, your bones… your muscles. Your spirit, your soul,
healed. Ask that anything that needs to be solved
be solved between you and others, or within yourself. And know it’s true. Ask to strengthen whatever is
already great inside of you. Strengthen within me: my love, my appreciation, my gratitude,
my passion for life. My insights, my intelligence. My compassion, my courage.
Strengthened. And feel a sense of celebration inside like the healing, the solutions, the strengthening
you need is happening right now. And then serve. Send that energy out to all
those near you; ask healing to happen for those… you love. Your friends, your family,
your lovers. Your friends, your business associates,
your partners… your clients, your community,
the world. Let it come from inside you an
energy that circulates out and heals. It solves, it strengthens. Feel it, enjoy it. Feel a sense of celebration. The things have been made better
in this moment now since thought is energy. Where focus goes energy flows. Healing, solve, strengthen… celebrate. And feel like you’re serving.
Serving something great beside yourself. And enjoy that feeling. Feel like an energy comes from the top of
your head, and as you breath feel like almost like a… …a pearl, a blue dot, or a silver pearl. As you take the breath-in let the air go down
your body into you, into your stomach. Down your legs.
Down into the ground, circling to the Earth. Feel the energy coming up
from the Earth, up your legs. Through your chest, up through
your neck, to the top of your head. Just imagine, energy coming down
through the top of your head. Through your chest, stomach,
down through your legs, calves, feet. Down deep into the Earth,
swirling to the center of the Earth. Swirling back, up your legs, stomach, chest, shoulders, neck,
through the top of your head. And just think:
healing, solve, strengthen, celebrate, serve. And now, think,
for the next two minutes or three, three things you want to achieve or accomplish.
Let’s step in them one at a time. Three things that will cause you to thrive. Three goals you’re going to achieve.
Three things you’re gonna make happen. It could be this week,
this month, this year. Step in each one like it’s happening. And see it the way you want it, not how you
hope it works… see it working. Succeeding. Feel the energy of that all coming together.
The sense of enjoyment, celebration or impact. With each one of the three.
We’ll do this for two minutes. Enjoy it.
See it, feel it. Feel a sense of celebration
with each thing accomplished. And whenever you’re ready,
you can open your eyes. How was that?