hi my name is Jennifer Evans I'm the ELA consultant at st. Clair County Risa and we are starting a new project called guided reading by the month where we will have kindergarten through fifth grade teachers videotape a guided reading lesson as they progress through the school year so that you will be able to be able to see what the teachers do in the beginning of the year and how they set up their routines and procedures all the way through what's taking place as students learn the work that they are applying and guided reading into their independent practice so we hope you enjoy this episode of guided reading by the month remember when you are reading to self students have a job and teachers have a job hey we're sitting by yourself and how can we check to make sure you're far away from a friend yes chase okay are we sitting by ourselves right now no but when you sit down with your arms out and you're not touching any one spot if you're touching someone what do you need to do somewhere else you're going to read the whole time we've been trying to build our stamina for two minutes but we've been having this nap okay we're gonna put our knee up someone will try it again we read quietly we stay in one spot and remember three ways to read the book ain't the big at the beginning of kindergarten what are we going to be reading mostly we're going to be reading the pictures we look at the pictures and tell our story if it's a story of birdie read before remember we practice with brown bear that you can retell the story so those that soldiers and to me things that some of you might even be able to read the words you can look at the picture and the word will match the picture Hey now before we go let's do a quick reminder on places to sit or reach Bell okay we can fit on our little rug from the classroom we can sit on our big rug we can fit before we were whole minutes so our next goal is going to be what two minutes do you remember what happens when we get to color in our old chart raise your hand if you remember what we get to do seriously I hope I'm going to con someone that's waiting and what do we get to do to mark with Fox's you get to color and we get to decorate and remember with fancy markers and stickers but in order to do that our goal is to get all the way to minutes and let me tell you it's kind of hard at the beginning but I know you can do it all right so you're gonna start thinking about right now listen when you get your book box you're going to just take it to your spot don't take the book out until we start our timer let's hit the boys got to go first yes Jake parole someone was not reading the whole time someone was talking to a friend we're going to try it one more time to read up so I may give you one more chance start let me tell you some of the good things I saw tonight you have you have your eyes up here Lily hey I saw my friend Noah was reading in the chair he got his book he finished it that's what he did he looked up so I'll check was enough about another book good job Noah hey listen what am i under friend Chloe eyes she finished a book and I hated her done that's what she did she got another bump and she kept doing that is called reading the whole time remember sometimes because we don't have very many books at the beginning sometimes you have to read your book two times maybe three times Amy but as the year goes on your hands fill that book box now let me tell you why we had to stop one of my friends did not stay in one spot it was now we are not saying these but as soon as we break one of these rules remember this is our deal these are your job if you don't do your jobs we have to stop so it's very important because we're working as a team that we all have to work together hey maybe if we keep our book boxes at our table maybe we can try and at lunchtime after lunch give me a thumbs up if you would like to try up for lunch again to try to get we were very close they really think you're going to get it soon I hope you enjoyed this episode of guided reading by the month we'll see you next time you