So there are a plethora of devices out
there at the moment which measure a whole range of different metrics so you
need to be aware of what your goal is ie I want to achieve 10,000 steps
and I want it to feed back to my phone or I want it to feedback on the
device itself and then you can look at the plethora of devices that are out
there and choose the one that’s best for you If you choose a device like some of
these newer devices out there that also connect to your emails and your phone
and your messages it’s more likely that you’re continuing to use it once you
fall off the activity tracker bandwagon you’re more likely to pick it up again
because it serves another use that way when you get back on to the activity
tracking wagon it’s there on your wrist or wherever it is that that you have it
ready to go it’s very easy for us as researchers and health professionals to say to individuals be healthy now, have a healthy diet, be active to stave off the progression of chronic disease that might come out later in life but if we
can link our activity to a health outcome right now, this might be your
blood glucose level or your blood pressure then we can see that the
immediate choice of being active is also the better choice and that will help you
potentially stick to your behavioral goal and activity