hey guys my name is echo and I'm going to be showing you how to get your stamina ability to 100% this is a very basic tutorial it will take you around 15 to 20 minutes no longer no less unless your stammered ability is at zero it may take a little longer but apart from that it's very easy to do now what we're doing is we're creating an online race for this instance I am doing the race peer-to-peer and how we are gaining stamina is by cycling I've tried many different ways on gaining stamina such as running up hills running for long distances now they do work but they're very time cost-effective I would recommend doing to your friends because you can get other boring on your own and can take around eleven minutes to complete one race so if you double that it's like 22 in total like I said you should have a hundred percent once you've gained 100 percent you don't have to do it again now I wouldn't say play with randoms online because they can get in your way they can slow you down making this more frustrating and longer to do know for this instance in this video I'm just gonna be doing a mountain bike I wouldn't recommend using a BMX bike because a lot of the races can be off-road and they can pretty much be up here and I would recommend using the high end speeders or the high speeds a push bike so this is the way you do it this is very very simple like I said play your friends if you want to gain more XP play your friends if you wanna have a little bit of a laugh now the difference between stamina and gaining over abilities you'll notice wants to race to the start on the bottom right on my screen there will be a stamina bar this is how you gained your stamina Rob this is how it all works now a lot of people you do have to bounce between your stamina and your health you'll notice when it's a race does start here the bottom right is the stamina and the bottom left is your health now the more you double tap a the faster you'll go but the quicker you'll lose your stamina don't forget this is a long-distance race so you need to maintain or maintain your stamina over a long distance now how I do and how I figured out to gain stamina is by am holding it all the way to the bottom the bottom screen and keeping your health just flashing enough so you can still race a full speed now you'll notice in just a second I've quickly gained and from 40 percent to 60 in just under five minutes so you can see how quickly you will gain your stamina you can see on the bottom left on screen I did gain stamina quite quickly there now there is a pretty other cool way of gaining stamina and lung capacity and that is the good old swimming now this gets very very boring and the likes of sharks will be around so you do have to be careful I would recommend swimming very close to shore otherwise it can be very frustrating if you do get you in by a shark now like I said these can take a little bit of time but I would recommend doing it because once you have your full abilities you won't need to do it again and they're good for when you're playing team deathmatch because your stamina you can quickly run to the likes of the better weapons the better armors i've been a quebec soldier guys if you have any questions do let me know also if you want to know how to increase any of your ability leave a comment so I do know thank you and you guys have been awesome as always peace out and have a nice day