[Applause] welcome to another edition of fitness culture lifting thing here in our gym in st. George Utah today it's the shoulder day so if you've been falling along all week we've been hitting different body parts we're on Phase two of the swole program all about time under tension shoulder training today is not gonna be any different it's gonna probably the roughest shoulder day you've ever had and we're gonna start off with a superset we're jumping right into it with a push press the Jake's gonna talk about here with a banded pull parts first thing we got today like Steve said is gonna be a push press so we're gonna be controlling the east centric on the push press for four count on the negative so it's a lot of time on our attention it's definitely gonna blow us up we're gonna be using our strict overhead press Max and we're gonna be using a percentage of that today so really this is one of my favorite progressions to increase your overhead press because overhead press is one lift that you can safely kind of use your body with the push press use your legs explode through your hips help get that weight up and you're really overloading the eccentric on the way down so that's the goal today we're gonna overload we're gonna be using a weight that we definitely won't be able to get the weight this mini reps with this tempo just with the strict press right so when we have to use our legs explode up with your legs and then control back down and then right we're down with that will helping some vanpool parts we've got 12 and pole parts and we'll arrest for about 2 to 3 minutes in between superset [Applause] [Applause] then I'll go the forum brings down when it gets heavy just remember somewhere Jake is warming up with your max that's just really what about you looks harder our next superset for shoulder days is a neutral grip dumbbell press so we're doing them seated with dumbbells three seconds eccentric come up a quarter one to two count and then back up to the top so like I said a lot of time on our attention three seconds down to second hold and then pull using that reflex to get back up to the top and then we're super setting that with a WY press it's one of the ones that just kicks my ass every time I do a lot of rear delt a lot of traffic involved in that so after Jackie's done eight reps we have three sets of eight reps here we're going to be hopping over here and doing ten reps three sets of ten on the Y W press I guess the w2y press is a great one for your upper back and external rotators so what you're gonna do see it will start with this hands out row his elbows up straight out coming through at W try to get his hands past his ears and then keep them that high on the way out try to lock the elbow all the way out squeeze it for a second at the top and then come back down I'm not great at these Bogota is gonna be a huge factor on these ones nobody's that much weight honestly if you have bad mobility on this one you might not even want to use any weight at all I'm just really work on the movement work on getting really good extra rotation and then keeping it behind your ear as you lock it out it's really just it's more like a prehab movement all right so all this pressing that we do all the time you tend to get tight and your lats and your PEC it's gonna pull your shoulder forward so we always like to pair these kind of movements before pressing and we're not doing any extra backward that day just a good way to get in some stuff it's gonna keep you structurally balanced during the week and it's not only gonna take away from the lift that day so this isn't gonna burn you out too much hop back on the neutral grip and really worth trying to keep that shoulder girdle in balance hot damn I couldn't have said that better myself it's kind of what separates us from every other programming company out there we got a whole all right the next thing we got today is gonna be just a barbell upright rail we're gonna go a little bit wider today still control the eccentric for a three to four count and then we're gonna superset that with a seated lateral race so just sitting down we'll raise it up to the side three to four count lower than that as well so we'll go back to back and then rest for 90 seconds and roll through that three times [Applause] [Applause] I rap and today up we've got three different movements we're gonna be doing an incline rear delt raise just like this on the incline bench so we're still gonna go three to four count lower on everything right now well not on the dumbbell shrug so inclined rear delt raise then we're gonna do a cable lateral raises behind the back and then we're gonna finish it up with some shrugs so the strokes today we're gonna be doing ten Scott ten count squeeze 10 reps between counts way to the top and then 10 reps so go through all three movements rest for 90 seconds and we're gonna go through that three times to finish it up [Applause] our guys that wraps it up for day for Instagram part two so remember there's a link in the description if you want to download a copy of this entire week and follow along with the program you'll be able to fall all the videos just like this one just so it's kind of like a little exercise library so you can use it in the gym so click that link download the program if you guys like this content please leave us a comment and subscribe to the channel thank you