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breaking out the wild game again I got some backstrap off of a really nice
deer that we got last year and what we’re gonna do today is is we’re gonna
wrap this and bacon throw it on the grill and make a fantastic bacon wrap
deer loin stick around let me show you how we do that these little pieces a back strap or the
loin off of the deer had been butterflied we actually took these in to
get processed last year instead of me processing them and what I usually do is
is I leave the backstraps whole but somehow had some confusion and these got
these got butterflied so I just cut the silver skin or the sinew off of these
and I’m coating these with my fajita seasoning I’ll put a recipe down below
in the description box for y’all to take my strips of bacon now all I’m
gonna do is wrap it around thick sliced bacon is not really good for this
process it’s better to use a thinner slice that it just seems to cook through
a little bit better take that like it take that take my skewer or run it right
through there and that will kind of hold my bacon on now folks cures are done I’m gonna drop
a little more season on top of my bacon just layering these flavors if you want
to just put toothpicks through these you could That would work fine there we go all that’s done let’s see we get the fire started I let these just kind of
sit and marinate in their seasons for a little bit then we’ll get them on the
grill as you can see different date had a kind
of picture malfunction here what we were gonna do was was go over there and we
were gonna cook these up on the gas grill just kind of show how to use that
Lion Grill I have and it’s the first time ever my Lion Grill has failed me
and it really wasn’t the grill itself it was the regulator regulator went out
wasn’t it not let enough fuel pass through so couldn’t get it hot enough to
cook on so a couple of days later we’ve got the weber kettle out we’re going to
get these uh venison medallions wrapped in bacon on this weber kettle and show
you how to cook them up this way one thing that is nice about this is is
that these little medallions have had a few days to marinate in that seasoning
we put on them so they ought to be very flavorful gonna take these two oh medium at the
most really medium-rare to medium pull them about that 145 range would be good
if you want to let them bump up to 150 to carry up to that 155 you can but I
would pull them somewhere between right right around 145 I’m just gonna say that
so they’re on there that’s good and hot it’s not gonna take very long lids back
on the kettle it’s good and hot so about three minutes we’re gonna look at turning these
now get that lid of the way take these and turn them over
oh they’re browning nicely on this side and this is a good good hot heat it’s you can hold it there about 3 seconds so give you an idea how hot it is see if we brown up that side they’ll be
ready to get off here get this open to see it’s time to get these off
they are looking nice see if we get them off now these have been sitting about 10 minutes
so the juices should have been kind of settled in there now I won’t want to run
out all of a sudden but we’re gonna slice a couple of these up see how they
turned out I think the first one I want to cut is this one right here well I overshot the medium it looks like
or it oh these are here look medium they look pretty a little bit too long
didn’t have my age to read thermometer with me today so slice up another one
here both these are a little bit over medium
but they’re not dried out still seem to have some moisture in them so we’re
gonna check see how they turned out this is a great recipe if you’re on a
diet if you’re trying to lose some weight you need to eat something that’s
maybe nice protein but not a lot of fat that’s kind of diet I’m on right now
Roger Ragland Outdoors you can go over there and see Roger and and kind of how
his diet goes you got some questions you can send me some messages also but the
authority is Roger he’s the one that kind of came up with it but it’s working
good for me we’re doing we’re doing very well the wife saw that she’s dropping
weight too so we’re excited about it it’s working good and we’re just gonna
try to give some of this deer meat wrapped and baking a try and see how it
turned out very good it’s up it’s a good mild taste that
seasoning been on it for a couple of days now just really soaked in it’s got
a great flavor it’s it’s easy to make does it take long like I said three or
four minutes on each side I got busy doing some stuff around here let it sit
for about five or six on that first side because I was running around doing
things and that’s why it’s a little bit over back that down to three or four on
each side with a good good heat up underneath it probably 400 450 degrees
this turned out fantastic appreciate you stopping by remember to check out my
buddy Roger Ragland over at Roger Raglan Outdoors put a link down below for that
but a wonderful meal I’ll tell you what this this deer meat wrapped in bacon
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