what's up guys this video is brought to you by six-pack ABS calm head to shop six-pack ABS calm or hit the link in the description below and use our coupon code to get 15% off your order of the green detox now so six-pack ABS sent us their green detox to make a smoothie out of it they gave us a recipe so that's what we're gonna be doing right now we're gonna make a smoothie see how it tastes and test out their new green science based detox so there's five key superfoods and they're green detox including chlorella beer Lina kale goji berries and pomegranates so today we're gonna be making their dark chocolate and banana smoothie we're gonna be using some spinach some almond milk banana a little bit of vanilla flavoring some cocoa and a scoop of protein powder and of course the green detox the only ingredient I cut out with chia seeds but that's because I'm allergic to them so I'm obviously not gonna for ministry but it shouldn't make too much of a difference if you're at home want to make this smoothie then you can put the chia seeds in it'll probably taste good so I'm gonna throw these all in and we'll see how it tastes in a few minutes it's actually really good as I can't stop drinking it so the green detox is the number one best tasting superfood detox drink available it also contains over thirteen key superfoods that are designed to fully detox the body support a healthy metabolism improve mental clarity boost energy levels and help burn off unwanted body fat and you'll also receive a guide with a whole bunch of recipes whenever you buy the green detox so if you guys want to check it out make sure you go into the description below all the information will be there there'll be a coupon code make sure you check them out it's this was a great smoothie I'm gonna go ahead