music Hi I’m Peter and I’m Kiril, and this is Gorilla Gym.
We live in small condos in Boston and don’t have room for bulky fitness
equipment we are just like millions of others. Busy people trying to find time to
exercise and spend time with their families. This is why we designed the Gorilla Gym a
doorway gym that keeps our families happy and fit, yet is safe enough to allow a
motion for hours a fun. Gorilla Gym is lightweight,
portable and compact. It attaches to a door framing seconds
without having to drill holes. Padding protects your door frame walls, unlike conventional pull up bars, that can not support motion. We created patent-pending vise grips
and stabilizers. The security to your door frame lock it
in place, and even make it safe enough to swing. Its modular design easily supports
different attachments. An indoor swing source sons Christo,
Stefan, Jack, can swing happily for hours. A fight station, so Kiril can box. It allows
for a wide range of pull up and swinging exercises for Peter. Abs exercises, Pilates and Yoga for
our wives Catherine and Albina. It’s designed for having fun while
staying fit. There are so many exercises to enjoy.
What do you want to do? What attachments work for you? we ask
these questions and more at a recent Harvard Square fair, where we
built two doorways, and potential customers play with our two working prototypes. Our mentors in exercises and
children’s markets, the inventor of six second abs, and the
marketer behind Rubik’s Cube, helped us focus on the customer. We spent
countless late nights working in a basement in Harvard Square into prototypes which we tested
extensively. We perform detailed engineering analyses and optimizations to make Gorilla Gym safe and easy to
use. Your safety and your children safety
are paramount we will make it compliant with industry safety standards and
regulations. We spent much of our own savings developing Gorilla Gym. Help bring this project across the
finish line! With your help Gorilla Gym can make
exercising much more fun for everyone and to busy people to stay fit. Please contribute now! Exercising on Gorilla Gym conveniently at home can make a daily impact on our nation’s
obesity epidemic and make it easier for families to spend more quality time together.