(Intro text)
(music begins)>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay glass, check patient’s
status>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Glass check vital signs
bed 4>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Glass, increase Cvo
2%>>Dr. Feinstein: Very cool. I have been reading
about it. I wanted to see what it was all about and it was even better than I thought
it would be.>>Divya Mahajan: At Philips we believe the
future of healthcare requires innovations that can really make a difference.
>>Brent Blum: At Accenture Technology Labs, we work with companies like Phillips and Google,
to make these digital connections happen smoothly and quickly.
>>Divya Mahajan: What makes Accenture our perfect partner is our collaboration allows
us to build custom features for innovative digital technology like Google Glass that
works seamlessly with our medical systems.>>Brent Blum: To be able to use wearable
display in a medical settings, to give doctors the chance to operate or coordinate with their
peers in a hands-free environment, is just not anything we’ve seen before. This is what
digital transformation is all about.>>Divya Mahajan: For example, a young patient
comes into the hospital with severe abdominal pain. Let’s see what Google Glass can do.
>>Dr. Feinstein: I’m going to check on the patient’s status, okay glass, check
patient status. Looks like he’s in OR 6, ready in about 12 minutes.
>>Dr. Feinstein: As the new healthcare information technologies start emerging, and they’ll start
being able to track patients, … I think having this sort of technology tethered to
it would be, very nice.>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Rob almost ready? Okay
I’m going to check on the patient’s status and see if they’re in the holding area.
>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Glass check vital signs bed 4
>>Dr. Feinstein: If you have to turn away to look at the monitor, it makes it a little
more difficult, and if someone’s that critical that you have to keep on looking, it’s nice
to have that with the one glance you can find that information again.
>>Brent Blum: Phillips and Accenture imagine this innovation providing many opportunities
to support the complex tasks of healthcare professionals, both in the operating room
and beyond.>>Divya Mahajan: We really did it! We were
able to develop the connection between the Goggle Glass and our IntelliVue solution to
show patient data inside the glass.>>Dr. Feinstein: Okay Glass, take a note
>>Divya Mahajan: Our goal is to continue to explore other uses for Google Glass in
combination with our medical solutions to empower health care providers with seamless
delivery of patient data.>>Dr. Feinstein: Well, at first I think it’s
going to be cool, and then I think as everything develops, it’s going to be very practical.
I think it’s a great stepping stone. I think that will help make the, care of patients
go a little smoother, and our jobs a little bit easier.
(Music ends)