so I wanted to tell you all about the goddess detox cleanse now if you don't know I did a first cleanse and I posted a video about that but I just didn't feel like I gave you all like a real you know detailed review of what I went through so you all wants to see some pictures and what I experienced on a day-to-day basis just be sure to keep on watching good morning everyone it's around seven o'clock a.m. and I am starting my second cleanse today this is what the pearl looks like out of the package and it has a really a really strong smell to it but it's not bad you get these two items here so you take the end of the pearl and insert it into this part and you'll have to suck it down this in and I don't put the second part back in this just me cuz I feel like it's easier to just do it like this you can wrap it around on your finger and just kind of push it up and it's gonna grip so it's gonna come out anyway so I'm gonna do that and I'll be back in just a second okay so now that that is done I just basically I don't squat down I just kind of stand up and you know like you're inserting a sample I just push it up there and what I'm gonna do is come back at the end of the day to show you all what the pearl looks like when I remove it okay so I am back to show you what the pearl looks like after removing it I left it in for about 15 hours today so I'm not comfortable leaving the pearl in overnight so I just wanted to show you all what it looks like now and I will be putting in the second pearl in the morning so when you start the cleanse I would highly highly suggest that you use a panty liner so about an hour after I put in the pearl I did you know notice discharge and for some reason I was just so uncomfortable with that pearl all day it didn't hurt but I just kind of noticed it versus last time I really didn't even feel like it was there and I don't know if it was just me but each time I didn't feel like this really cool sensation in my body now it was insane anything bad it was kind of relaxing to be honest but I don't know if anybody else felt that but I did as far as day two now day two is I don't know what was going on I was so uncomfortable I wanted to leave the pearl in for fifteen hours like I did on day one but when I got to the tenth hour I got this real real real sharp pain in my side like it was like it felt like it was on my right ovary or something and that was just my cue to go ahead and take it out so I went ahead and took it out and immediately like the pain went away so I don't know if it was just something that just just wasn't agreeing with my body that day or if anybody had that sharp pain now I know they say you have some cramps and things like that but it was a like a really sharp pain that was like no girl get this thing out of you so I want to show you all what the pearl looks like on day two so this is the pearl from day two I left it in about ten hours it started getting really really uncomfortable I'm gonna cut it open so you can see what the inside looks like so I've cut the pearl open just with the little plastic knife so you can see with the inside of it looks like okay so moving along today three I really didn't notice anything no discharge all of that stop that this charger really just comes out I guess when the Pearl is in but when I took it out I didn't know this life you know anymore discharged I just noticed that you know my insides my vagina was turning you know like that whitish color and I guess that's just the dead skin so basically when I got ready to get in the shower I know this day you know it was kind of right there and I just took my finger and I was like and I wanted you all to see what it looks like so I'm gonna show you all a picture or right now so this is day three of my cleanse and I was getting ready to get in the shower and I noticed this was kind of like hanging so I went ahead and just pulled that off my perched happened on day four and it happened on day four of my last cleanse but let me tell y'all what happened so I was at the store and I had my phone in the car and when I went to the bathroom and I white boom there was I was like really I'm not gonna put this in my pocket I'm just not gonna do it so when I at home it was still a little bit left over and I wanted y'all to see what it looks like but it was a little bit more it wasn't like a whole lot because I've seen some girls wear a be like vehicle i but i don't know if they just zoomed being so much where it looks lead this is kind of like a partial purge that i'm gonna show you all but at least i think it's something to show you so just check it out and it's just basically dead skin I mean it kind of reminds me of cryotherapy if you've never had cryotherapy it's like the freezing of your your cervix and they scrape off like I guess like all the dead skin I actually have one about nine years ago when I had an abnormal pap smear so that's exactly what it reminds me of but it's just natural though if you want to try it I mean I would still try because once again it is natural I really feel like this will help somebody because I could not find a review similar to how I did it so you know even if it's just one person I feel like I you know with April help and I always say you know if you have any questions feel free to comment and I will be sure to get back with you have a great day