Barco Healthcare The population is growing 2000: 6 billion people 2011: 7 billion people 2050: 9 billion people Patients per doctor today Patients per doctor today
…will double in 2050 And there’s more… The population is getting older 65+ today 65+ in 2050 65+ in 2100 80+ today 80+ in 2050 100+ today 100+ in 2050 What else? Our lifestyles change… high-fat diets alcohol stress physical inactivity The consequences are alarming Cardiovascular diseases
nr°1 cause of death 17 million people die from
cardiovascular disease each year 24 million people will die from cardiovascular
disease in 2030 Every year, 15 million people suffer a stroke Every 20 seconds, someone in the US
has a heart attack Cancer
2nd largest cause of death 8 million people died of cancer in 2008 Cancer will strike 12 million people in 2030 Cancer affects 1 in 3 people at some point
in their lives The rising cost of care In 2011, the American healthcare bill topped
$2.7 trillion By 2020, the bill will jump to $4.6 trillion Today, healthcare consumes 12% of GDP
in most other Western countries By 2020, healthcare will consume 16% of GDP The need for higher efficiency in care 30% of current healthcare spending is wasted Nurses and physicians spend 1/3 of their time
doing paperwork Paperwork has doubled over the last 2 decades To face all these challenges… We need higher performance, greater insight,
and better quality of care …throughout the hospital Radiology Mammography Dental care Orthopedics Operating Room Pathology Point of care Barco Superior Clinical Performance Smooth Diagnostic Workflow High Healthcare Efficiency Optimum Patient Care