– Oh, if we hurry, we can
still make the bootcamp class. – Oh, I like Core Crusher. – Hey Grant, we’re gonna try
out Shock Gym down the street. You wanna come? – Fuck all that. I got a burn going right now. – What do you mean? – I’m mid workout. – How so? – Come come. This is the Max Stool,
total body workout system. – You’re sitting down,
and your feet are up. – I’m holding a dynamic,
body mass burn position. It targets all my major muscle groups. – Your arms are literally
dangling at your side. – Ahh yeah, it’s low impact. It’s the same concept as
sitting on a yoga ball, or using one of those ab electrodes. – This isn’t exercise. – You’re fucking wrong. Ordinary workouts put stress
on your joints and lungs, but with the Max Stool,
I can sit my way to fit. – Does this thing even burn calories? – If you do it right. Mmmm, take a look at
this instructional video. – Okay, ready for another set? And, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. – I’m gonna look like that guy. – Grant, you’re being scammed. If you wanna exercise,
you have to exercise. – I can change positions to burn more fat. Ugh, not yet. – I think this thing is
gonna give you back problems. – Nah, my back is strong as shit. I’m workin’ it out right now. Eat it chestang. – That’s not exercise, and it doesn’t even look that comfortable. – Look, putting on size, I, I, I can’t believe I
even have to explain this. Putting on size is about
tearing down muscle fiber so your body can build. – Wait, what is happening now? – The stool sensed my heart
rate was getting too high, so it’s putting me in a cool down period. – You have to know that that’s not gonna help you lose weight. – Huge (baby lullaby music) (inhaling sound) I’ll be huge. – How long do you do this? (snoring) – [Fitness Trainer] Good session guys. – Dumb – I mean, he does look good though. – Oh, yeah, I mean Grant’s
body is incredible. It’s very very impressive. – Yeah, way better than ours. – Mmmmm, mmmm well. – Ready for another set? And, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. – Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor. Click here to subscribe to the channel. Click here for more fun stuff. And, sorry, guys it feels like I’m out. Am I out? Because I can like, I can
see the top of the camera, so it’s, is this better? Alright, it feels worse. Okay, thanks for watching.